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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gorthorn - The Winter Cold (2009)

Country : UK
Genre : Ambient/Experimental
Gorthorn Was founded in late 2005 by Joe, who wanted to create a project along the same lines as Mortiis [Era 1], Burzum and Vangelis. Gorthorn was originally a part time musical project when it started, but now it´s a full-time one manned project which Joe takes very seriously. Every album [past, present and future] will either represent seasons, feelings or atmospheric soundscapes.

01. Beacon
02. Die Liebe Nerpus (Burzum Cover)
03. Glacial Tunnel
04. Melting Snow
05. Snowflakes
06. Where Are You.....(Original)
07. Where Are You.....(Remix)
08. Stalactmites & Stalagtites
09. Ice Monastery
10. The Winter Cold
11. Reflection In The Ice
12. A Cold Demise
13. A New Dawn

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