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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bangkok Thrash Compilation Vol.1 (2009)

Country : Thailand
Genre   : Thrash ofc

01. Mascara - Suffering
02. Mascara - Animal Face
03. Psychotrain - Soul Destination (Demo)
04. Psychotrain - Spirit Medium (Demo)
05. Killing Fields - Metallian
06. Killing Fields - Dark Knight (Demo)
07. Scarecrow - 111 (Demo)
08. Scarecrow - Low Female (Demo)
09. Purgatory - Love
10. Purgatory - Insult (Demo)
11. Black 'Ciety - Thunder Storm
12. Wibutchon - Disaster City (Demo)

My Comment
This is a compilation for "Bangkok Thrash 2009: Thrash 'Til Drunk"(09-05-09) which is the first Thrash Metal Festival in Thailand. The compilation consists of 12 original tracks from 7 Thai bands that play old school Thrash Metal and related genre such as Thrash Death Metal and Speed Metal. The tracks come in various quality. Some of them are studio tracks. Some of them are demo tracks with very clear sound, but some of them are quite raw (oh my ears bleed..hehe). Mascara and Psychrotrain bringing fresh thrash melodies (WTF really good fast solo), Killing Field and Purgatory playing death with strong thrash influence, quite technical. Black Ciety with post punk influence (em..idk why putting in this album). Overall good start for Vol 1. Really worth compilation. This album is good opportunity to Siamese band rising up.
Salute !!!  Support Thai Scene !!

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Death SS - Do What Thou Wilt (1997)

Country : Italy
Genre    : Heavy/Speed (earlier), Industrial Metal (now)

01. Awakening Of The Beast
02. The Phoenix Mass
03. Baron Samedi
04. Scarlet Woman
05. The Serpent Rainbow
06. Crowley's Law
07. Guardian Angel
08. The Shrine In The Gloom
09. The Way Of The Left Hand
10. Liber Samekh

My Comment
This album is 8 years after "Black Mass" (see my post b4). In this album they include new horde membe "Oleg Smirnoff" as keyboard. Concept changing to more industrial yet still under heavy and thrash influence. Despite new influence added, its still quite enjoyable to me. Guitar solo was not isolated from rythm making they still have strong Power influence. Atmosphere was strange horror and catchy. Another diff approch from "Black Mass" but still leading to same light. Scarlet Woman is the best song among others. Also added whispering girl vocal in few songs (kinda occulism). What else to be expected from the lagendary italian here? Grab and prepare your soul to Majesty of Evil !!
Highly Recommended !!!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Istidraj - Blasphemous Ritual (2006)

Country : Singapore
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Spawn Forth... Inferno
02. Bidadari Desekration
03. The Burning Twillight
04. Blackened Prophecy Of Doom
05. Blackstorm
06. Blasphemic Conquest
07. Morbid Blasphemic Cult
08. Crucified (Impaled Nazerene Cover)
09. The Burning Twillight (Striid)
10. The Burning Twillight (Lurker)

My Comment
After "Impiety", here one more band from lion island (singapore). Istidraj influence based on early Belphegor and Mayhem (hell ya). Yet giving blasphemic old skoll BM to rise. Brutal raw attacking guitar riff, with satanic lyric, this trully BM horde ready to fuck u hardly. one problem is the sound quality. Hope next time they will find good production. At track 7 and aftwerwards, they changed their concept a bit. More melodies and now i can hear the music (wtf). Maybe just for...fullfill the album (-_-).Fans of true raw BM must lookout for ISTIDRAJ or die in mercyful fate!
Support Asian Horde !!

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Surrender of Divinity - Manifest Blasphemy: The Abortion of the Immaculate Conception (2006)

Country : Thailand
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Manifest Blasphemy
02. Consecration of the Heathen Messiah
03. Deglorification of the Dogs
04. (Tale I) Satanic Storm
05. (Tale II) Rise of the Possessed Ones
06. (Tale III) The Apocalyptic Catharsis

My Comment
So this is their 2nd album. Well nothing much changed at this album. Blasting drum beat with more raw and blasphemy !!! Also not many thrash element comparing b4. Recording was bit better than "Oriental Hell Rhythmics". In interviewed with Bloodaxe Magazine b4, Whathayakorn (guitarist) said "As I said the new war hymns will be much faster, less melody and pure blasphemy to the bone, so you can expect a fucking brutal and rawest record from us". Yeah it true..less melody comparing Oriental Hell. Sometime i feel annoying with so many scream in this album. still enjoyable ofc. Yet, Surrender Of Devinity still standing to be 1st and greatest Siamese BM. Good luck and Salute !!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Break The Silence - Merciless Merchenary (2001)

Country : Malaysia
Genre    : Death Metal

01. Undead (Intro) 
02. Scroll of Anger 
03. Pleasure In Blood 
04. Vilify 
05. Sinner
06. Leader of Chaos 
07. Abdicated 
08. Insanity
09. Flea-Faced God 
10. Takhlifwallatashrif 
11. Helllfuck
12. A Chant For An Army of Detestation 
13. Hittoh (Outro)

My Comment
They are formed in 1999, one of band that bring up death metal scene in Malaysia. All Break The Silence member is from Silent Death (one of earliest death band in malaysia). They known as be able to recreate back pure death metal scene. For this album, the vocal are in low deep growl with some harsh. I not too agree since it will become grind. btw i like vocal in "Insanity".  They also had many idea in eleborating and catchy riff. Good fast solo too. Drum beat was blast and kicking ass. Sound quality is better than previous album. hope can became more better later. Salute them !!!!

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Surrender Of Divinity - Oriental Hell Rhythmics (2001)


Country : Thailand
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Conquerors of the Apocalypse
02. The Darkness Against Light
03. To Reach Out for Eternity
04. Satan's Malicious Fire
05. Blasphemous Beast Rising
06. Paradise's Brothel

My Comment
Here BM scene from our neighbour, Thailand. They are raw, old school BM. Some sort like early Immortal and Impaled Nazarene. Vocal are evil, high pitch scream. I like his vocal. Lyrics based on anti christian. (hmm..satanic will be great). Guitar riff was noisy disorted and raw. Quite catchy. Drum beat was blast. Fast yet enjoyable. "Conquerors of the Apocalypse" has 10min length full with energic evil atmospheric. Very interesting song to hear. "To Reach Out for Eternity" had some thrash element. Not very well arrangement rythm (lol). Exitement continue with "Satans Malicious Fire", a well technical riff, old school sound. Not much change concept on "Blasphemous Beast Rising" and "Paradise Brothel". Good track to hear. i choose "Paradise Brothel" and "Conquer of Apocalype" as best track.Conclusion, this album will fuvk u hardly. Recommended to raw fans. Salute Asian Scene !!!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aosoth - Ashes Of Angels (2009)

Country : France
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Songs Without Lungs
02. Ashes of Angels
03. Path of Twisted Light
04. Embrace and Enlightment
05. Teaching/Erasing
06. Summon the dead
07. Cries Out the Heaven
08. Communion Through Pain
09. Banished
10. Inner War (Antaeus cover)

My Comment
Aosoth is back with this new album Ashes of Angel that produce in october. their sound was griffy, and pure BM. Full with heavyiness riff, tremolo picking, deep scream and super drum blast beat. Sound quality was not bad. The album start with "Song without lungs". Drum was really sharp and really fast. Many variation beat.
The song continue with "Ashes to Angels" that continuing from "Song without lungs". "Path of twisted light" is the best track among others. Good noisy dark riff with fastpicking, much slower other song, very awesome dark atmosphere aswell. Lastly cover song from Antaenus (raw BM). The cover was not bad. i give 7/10 for originality. Overall, good album for collection. Salute !!!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Death SS - Black Mass (1989)

Country : Italy
Genre    : Heavy/Speed (earlier), Industrial Metal (now)

01. Kings Of Evil
02. Horrible Eyes
03. Cursed Mama
04. Buried Alive
05. Welcome To My Hell
06. Devil's Rage
07. In The Darkness
08. Black Mass
09. The Mandrake Root
10. Kings Of Evil (extended remix)
11. Gethsemane
12. Murder Angels (live)
13. Vampire (live 1989)

My Comment
Death SS ftw !!! They was earliest heavy horror metal band with thrash influence. With face painting, they also contribute trademark to metal scene later on. Their lyrics based on evil, horror and occult (much similar to King Diamond). Death SS had leads and coins many of black death scene in this era. Now getting through this album, This album they not into industrial yet. More based on heavy metal with some thrash element. Most track had their own strength and style. Guitar riff was cathy, heavy and dark. Well sometime the riff become slow. Fully melodical with good fast solo. Drum was superb. double pedal to support the dark atmosphere, and some with thrash element. Bass also awesome. Vocal are wonderful (similar a bit with Helloween). I do enjoying all the track. Most are favourite. Overall I really recommended to all metal lover. Black Mass was fucking rule !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maleficentia - Revelation From The Ancestral Whisper (2008)

Country : France
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Through the Mirror of Flesh
02. Between Tiffauges Walls
03. Scarlet Legacy
04. Heuristic Embrace
05. A Forgotten Sanctuary
06. In the Shadow of the Labarum
07. Twilight Synod
08. Revelation From the Ancestral Whisper

My Comment
Well here one more melodical BM band. Most of their song over than 5 minute which if they cant make a good song, it will be hell boring. Technical riff with many fast picking solo, and kind of repetitive. Drum also not many variation (fast snare ofc). the vocal are quite good. Keyboard just supporting the rythm. Sometime they perform in slow rythm. In 1st two track i was ..... -_- .  I pick "In the Shadow of the Labarum" and  "Twilight Synod" as best track.
Hope they can improved later.

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pass: canya

Ancient - Night Visit (2004)

County : Norway
Genre  : Melodic Black Metal

01. Envision The Beast
02. Rape The Children of Abel
03. Horroble
04. Night Visit
05. Lycanthropy
06. Night Of The Stygian Souls
07. Fuel The Flames
08. The Truth Unveiled
09. The Arctic Mirage (bonus track)
10. Out In The Haunted Woods (bonus track)

My Comment
After three years from "Proxima Centauri", now come "Night Visit". Since i donno how they sound like, so lets through the album. The album start with "Envision of the Beast".  Good raw rythm.. Not same as other melodic band like illnath etc. Guitar riff was heavy, noisy and raw !! sometime aphazel (guitarist) with clean effect and fast solo. The vocal was super evil. awesome scream. I bet the drummer is the best BM drum ever. he was super fast. Many variation beat. Track 2 will shown how good they are. Some song is using keyboard but not much ("night visit" has good dark ambient element). Overall, they do taking melodical to one step higher. Recommended this album. Salute !!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bethlehem - Dark Metal (1994)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Black Metal (early) , Experimental Metal (later)

01. The Eleventh Commandment
02. Apocalyptic Dance
03. Second Coming
04. Vargtimmen
05. 3rd Nocturnal Prayer
06. Funereal Owlblood
07. Veiled Irreligion
08. Gepriesen Sei Der Untergang

My Comment
Pioneer in blackened doom scene !!! hail Bethlehem !!! . They had long journey in spreading BM influence. They been hated and banned in few cities in germany in 1st few album cause of "violence influence". They inspire doom scene to grow. "Dark Metal" compiles wonderful black doom scene in strong constructive guitar riff, well dissortion, with well melancholy solo While the basses sometime stand alone and place it uniquely.  "The Eleventh Commandent" tells anything about them. Love this song. "Apocalyptic Dance" starts in doom and mix with black later and also church organ effect (had some thrash also). The vocal had deeper inspiration. full of desperated, and emotions. "Second Coming" and "Funereal Owlblood" had very awesome doom riff. Drummer also act well to differentiate between doom and black (i think the drummer had thrash influence). I pick "Vargtimmen" as best among other. As conclusion, Recommended as collection.
Thanks for making this scene alive . Salute !!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keep of Kalessin - Kolossus (2008)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Origin
02. A New Empire’s Birth
03. Against the Gods
04. The Rising Sign
05. Warmonger
06. Escape the Union
07. The Mark of Power
08. Kolossus
09. Ascendant

My Comment
Keep of Kalessin bringing mediacore type BM (not my type -_- ). With clean recording sound, it really brighting them to impress their music. The album starts with instrumental in "Origin". "A new empire birth" was energic. Compiling metalcore & melodic BM outside the boundaries. Drumbeat was fast, claw vocal (Dissection scream) and good heavy riff. "Against the God" attract me which at end of song have drum breakdown with variation of beat. Really outstanding. "Rising sign" showing epic and saddness theme which drawn by keyboardist. Overall, good album to have. im not metalcore type so i not really interested (lol wtf). Salute !!!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Necromantia - Scarlet Evil Witching Black (1995)

Country : Greece
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Devilskin
02. Black Mirror
03. Pretender To The Throne (Opus I: The Usurper's Spawn)
04. The Arcane Light Of Hecate
05. Scarlet Witching Dreams
06. The Serpent And The Pentagram
07. Pretender To The Throne (Opus II: Battle At The Netherworld)
08. Spiritdance

My Comment
eh..Magus again (vocalist from Thou Art Lord) and who wonder their using percussion and sax element in few of their song. With also using 8-string bass guitar,ofc the sound was awesome. Their lyrics is based on Greek Myth (Therion ftw). "Devilskin" start with whooping wind and memorial toybox effect. Noisy and fast riff, dark atmosphere and well synth,  kicking ass drum beat and evil scream (love Magus vocal). The exitement continue with "Black Mirror" and track 3. Well in track 4, Magus using clean vocal, percussion, synth and sax in this song. The atmosphere was really dark, and the sax was classical and creepy !! . Pick this song as best track among others. Then "Pretender to the throne" start with familiar orchestral theme song (i cant recall). Well overall, this album is kicking ass !!
Recommended to all BM fans.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pentagram ( Mezarkabul ) - Unspoken (2001)

Country : Turkey
Genre    : Thrash (earlier), Heavy/Speed Metal (now)

01. We Come from Nowhere
02. In Esir Like an Eagle
03. Unspoken
04. Lions in a Cage
05. For the One Unchanging
06. Mezarkabul
07. Take My Time
08. Pain
09. Puratu
10. This Too Will Pass
11. For Those Who Died Alone

My Comment
i was so exited to hear other album by them. Well now they been more heavier than Anatolia. Intro in "We come from nowhere" with heavy short song with traditional influence (flute etc). They enjoyment continue with "In Esir like an Eagle". Many other tempo in this album was slow and bit bored for me but when they going fast, they rules !!. Awesome middleast solo and strength melodies. Good to make their diff then other band out there. Afterwards, i still kind upset with this album comparing to Anatolia. Yet Anatolia is still better for me.
Keep up good work. Salute !!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pentagram ( Mezarkabul ) - Anatolia (1997)

Country : Turkey
Genre    : Thrash (earlier), Speed/Heavy Metal (now)

01. Anatolia (English)
02. 1000 in the Eastland
03. Dark is the Sunlight
04. Gündüz Gece
05. Stand to Fall
06. Give Me Something to Kill the Pain
07. Welcome the End
08. Anatolia (Turkish)
09. On the Run
10. Time
11. Behind the Veil
12. Fall Of A Hero
13. Sonsuz

My Comment
Known as Mezarkabul and Pentagram (outside Turkey), they is one of lagendary turkish metal band.
Their sound is unique and not as other heavy metal band. Bringing dark middle-east riff. This album is not thrash influence anymore. Many riff was repetitive but they do know what the best for their listener. Im kinda addicted with their song. "Behind The Evil" was the best track among others. Drum beat was awesome, variable and unique. Thanks to heavy guitar riff & remarkable solo that lead all the middle east riff perfectly. For Vocal, i rather hope it kinda like SOAD (lol ) and Root (check my before post). After been listen to 12 track heavy riff, acoustical ballad in "Sonsuz" completing the album. Yet was really enjoyable song. Furthermore, i recommended this album to all. Salute and keep it up good work !!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Episode 13 - Tabula Rasa

Country : Turkey
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Tabula Rasa
02. The Black Mass
03. A Bleeding Century
04. Submerging Dreams
05. C.R.Y
06. Forlorn Till Dawn
07. An Exhaustion
08. The Unfinished Ceremony (outro)

My Comment
They had perform in Unirock Open Air Festival II with Kreator, Amon Amarth, Rotting Christ etc. Bringing on Melodic (but Symphonic for me), with anti-religion & anti-human (Capathian Forest ftw) lyric. Going to the album, Although the music shown plain and simple, but they do attract me. "Tabula Rasa" starts with depressive string and atmosphere by keyboard. Good vocal (dimmu style?), noisy disortion guitar. Epic and evil also unique. My Fav Track is "C.R.Y". "Forlorn Till Dawn" is their popular song. Yes it does. The song was freaking awesome. Good palm mute and middle east atmosphere. Well overall, Episode 13 rules !!!
Recommended and Salute !!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Illidiance - Nexaeon (2009)

Country : Russia
Genre     : Symphonic BM earlier, Electronic now

01. Nexaeon
02. Bleed for Deliverance
03. ...A Cold Day in Hell
04. Chaoticon Nomads
05. Paranormel Activity
06. In Thousands Gales I Dwell
07. Countdown to Annihilation
08. Spiral Galaxy NGC 1309

My Comment
Nowadays, theres a lot band under the skirt to dimmu and old mans child influence. some say it do good to commercial and supporting the scene. yet still some ppl rather like band who are experimental and trying to get away to fixed concept. Illidiance not much diff than other (70% for me). Btw they still can find their personality. Fast palm muting and technical play with great dark/electronic ambient and some drudkh style for keyboard, really fast drum beat and lack with growl. What i like is they keep changing and changing the fast rythm (which is hard to play). My fav track is "Chaoticon Nomads". Well theres not much electronic element involve as thier genre are. Maybe can make more outherspace scene (lool in track 8). Overall, this album quite good. Salute !!

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Skogen - Vittra (2009)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Dimfärd
02. Skuggorna Kallar
03. Eld
04. Ur Mörkret Hon Kommer
05. Höst
06. Vålnaden
07. Skymning
08. Under Fullmånens Sken
09. I Skogens Djup

My Comment
Releasing in Nov 24, bringing on Black Metal music with sweedish atmospheric element. This band is formed in 2009 with duo lineup. This is their 1st album also. Well they not as normal stereotype BM. They much slower and brining nature lyrics.For rythm, they not too dark (but awesome atmosphere !!! ) Get through the album, "Skugguna Kallar" and "Under Fullmanens Sken"is my fav track. awesome driven guitar riff with good atmosphere. Well elaborate riff and rythm. The drum also act well but do its too slow me. For vocal, pain ghoul (still lack) with some clean voice. mixing with acoustic supporting choir keyboard effect. "Host" and "Skymning" is good acoustical song. for other track i just can close my eyes and enjoying their good atmospheric ambient. Good start for duo band member. Good luck in coloring BM scene. Recommended and Salute !!..

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moon - Satan's Wept (1999)

Country : Poland
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Devil's Path
02. Lucifer's Light
03. Fallen Angels
04. The Awakening
05. Magical Hallways
06. Chariots Of War
07. Summoning
08. Satanica
09. Unholy Throne
10. Satan's Wept
11. Night Eyes
12. Baphomet's Snikes

My Comment
Herecome Moon 2nd album after 2 years from "Daemons Heart". What can i say..they really improved. Still maintaining traditional symphonic, good melodical guitar solo, dark middle east effect sound by keyboard, new improved pain growl. "Lucifer light" and "fallen angel" really shown how good they are. Yet they still not recruit any keyboardist (zzz..symphonic without any keyboardist). The sessionist keyboard was really awesome. Very good atmosphere (thumb up !!). Drum beat also improved and so fast (hope not programmable like previous album).More guitar riff not technical as "Daemons Heart". This album also better than "Daemons Heart". Recommended to all symphonic fans. Heard they are reformed back this year. Looking forward to their next album. Salute !!!

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Moon - Daemon's Heart (1997)

Country : Poland
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

01. The Shadow
02. The Suffering
03. Confession
04. The Shining
05. Daemon's Heart
06. The Curse
07. Sacrifice
08. Scorn
09. Unholyblood

My Comment
Symphonic Black Metal been around since mid to late 90s and Moon is one among them. So nice to get old traditional symphonic band without any viking element (Emperor ftw !!).  For this album they just using sessionist for keyboardist (maybe they still looking for it). Few early track was energic. The rythm was fast and supporting atmosphere by keyboard. Not very dark but still good. Growl is average for me but still not attract me :) . "The Shining" has much deeper rythm than other track. In last few track, they sound like very technical. Overall this album will not dissapoint u either. Great stuff..salute !!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Medea - Декаданс (2007)

Country : Belarus
Genre    : Doom/Symphonic/Dark Metal

01. Processiya
02. Maska krasnoy smerti
03. Dyavola doch'
04. Ohota
05. Cerber
06. Tvoya Mechta
07. Margarita
08. Vestnik vseh bed
09. V noch' na rozhdestvo
10. Posledniy epizod

My Comment
Belarus is located between Russia and Ukraine (noob me). I was impressed with this band. Like gold in the mud (cause it 1st i heard Belarus..zzz).Dark intro in "Processiya". Very symphonic. The keyboard act well to create dark ambient music while the simple memoriable technical riff by guitar. "Maska Krasnoy Smerti" is my fav track. The drum beat was great. Not many variation but still good.. Many rythm elaborate variety. The they not much similar to other ukrainian and russian band either. i wonder what is their influence. Well in the next more track, i feel they been into industrial than symphonic at 1st. Sound bit like The Covenant.  furthermore, i still do enjoying other track. Well good luck for them . Recommended. Salute.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Månegarm - Nattväsen (2009)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Viking/Black Metal

01. Mina Fäders Hall
02. Nattsjäl, Drömsjäl
03. Bergagasten
04. I den Svartaste Jord
05. Hraesvelg
06. Vetrarmegin
07. Draugen
08. Nattväsen
09. Delling

My Comment
This album is released in Nov 2009 (woot still new album). Well this album much heavier than previous album. Bringing viking combine with dark music. damn i like their rythm so much. Its diff than other black viking band out there. Not heavy viking element like Ensiferum or Equilibrium or Windir. The lead guitar mixing viking/folkish solo while heavier rythm by 2nd guitar and bass. Good galloping aswell. The growl is awesome too. supporting by clean vocal ( i better like Ensiferum clean vocal) but sure does it will not dissapointing either. Although they had violin player but its not lead the rythm (like Korpiklaani) and just supporting and making viking atmosphere. The drummer act well, many variation beat, loose to Ensiferum (sorry XD ) yet still enjoyable. Well overall this album is good. "Nattvasen" is my really fav track. I will review their other album in next post . Recommended !!!

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