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Friday, January 29, 2010

Darkspace - Dark Space III (2008)

Country : Switzerland
Genre    : Ambient/Dark Metal

01. Dark 3.11
02. Dark 3.12
03. Dark 3.13
04. Dark 3.14
05. Dark 3.15
06. Dark 3.16
07. Dark 3.17

My Comment
Going to dark zone. This 1st time i heard about this band actually. yeah yeah true they are good.  This album is limited to 500 unit only. To be truth i quite passion with their atmosphere. Such a chaotic and true darkness. They are 3 man involved and they using drum machine to complete the atmosphere. "Dark 3.11" make me going to their journey to the darkest world. They are using ambient synth, depressive scream, epic tremolo riffing while supporting in whispering vocal and drum machine. Most of their song is 10 minute over, yet they elaborated rythm slowly. The rythm much psycological to me (am i been hypnotized?). Btw i do respect them coz they made simple yet effective music that really accounter me. "Dark 3.14" is using diff approach. Everlasting dark synth and palm muting riff (not good track for me).Well overall highly recommended this album. Thanks DarkSpace for this masterpiece.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Vision Bleak's Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem (2005)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Gothic Metal

01. The Drama Of The Wicked
02. Secrecies In Darkness
03. Carpathia
04. Dreams In The Witchhouse
05. Sister Najade (The Tarn By The Firs)
06. The Curse Of Arabia
07. Kutulu!
08. The Charm Is Done

My Comment
Finally, great gothic band with twisted vibe. Grand symphonic synth to dark music, based on creepy and horrow. Great darkness atmosphere. Synth much like COF, and vocal like Type O Negative. "The Drama Of the Wicked" will awaken ur darkness soul. Concept synth like Dimmu Borgir. Synth is the key to lead all rythm. "Secrecies in Darkness" is in death influence with choir effect, palm muting, fast drum. Rythm is kinda repetitive yet elaborated slowly. Their Lyrics is based on horror and literature. Such a wonderful symphony. I pick "Kutulu", "Carpathia" and "Sister Najade" as standup track. Keep up good work. Recommended.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Akphaezya - Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity (2008)

Country : France
Genre    : Progressive Avantgarde Gothic Metal

01. Preface
02. Chrysalis
03. Beyond the Sky
04. Khamsin
05. Reflections
06. Awake
07. The Golden Vortex of Kaltaz
08. The Secret of Time
09. Stolen Tears
10. Trance: H.L.4
11. The Bottle of Lie

My Comment
Akphaezya bringing avantgarde gothic to one step higher. This is their 1st album after demo album on 2004. Btw they are gothic on jazz influence (woot !!). Nehl which is vocalist (girl ^^) really can represent her feeling towards each rythm. She also able to change voice style on gothic or jazz or pop (lol?). This album start with darkwave and whispering Nehl voice in "Preface" (lyric on Avantgarde). Totally awesome. "Chrysalis" now showing strong gothic jazz element (ah remind me on Ephel Duath but in soft mode). Thanks also to Nehl for awesome jazz keyboard. "Beyond The Sky " is on acoustical. Great rythm and Nehl Vocal (much like Antichrisis+Lacuna Coil). Guitar riff also quite good. Heavy yet have melancholic solo (great tapping on "Awake"). Oh..cant say a word..grab it..totally recommended !!.
Thanks Nehl for superb vocal. Cant wait hear from u.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Darkestrah - Embrace of Memory (2005)

Counrty : Germany
Genre    : Epic Black Metal

01. Embrace of Memory
02. Black Cathedral
03. Sign of War
04. Akyr Zaman
05. Human Hopes
06. Primitive Dance
07. Marching of the Hordes (Pagan cover)

My Comment
They are only among of five metaller band of Kyrgyzstan but thats not stop them to supporting the horde.
Their contribution in "Akyr Zaman" from Stimme aus der Tiefe #1 compilation had lift up thier named and to well known now. "Black Cathedral" starts with energic rythm (em..remind me to Graveworm), raw disorted riff, blasting double pedal, epic synth and high pitch scream. However i like if guitar riff more technical and fast picking due to lack good riff (can be improve this one). Well "Sign of War" is changing, riff more to epic and well nice atmosphere. Now their standup track "Akyr Zaman". Good starting folk keyboard (or this violin?) remind me to Adorned Brood song in Metal Museum Vol 3 and then rising Black influence. Others last song was not bad also. Recommended this album !!!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mundanus Imperium - The Spectral Spheres Coronation (1998)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Dark Progressive Metal

01. Distant Conglomeration
02. The Life of What You Seek
03. Beyond the Earthly
04. Starwars
05. Predominate
06. Stargazer (Rainbow cover)
07. The Unborn Breathes in Silence
08. If the Universe Transformed

My Comment
They currently split out but yet the do attract me with awesome music. Too bad i havent have their demo "Ode to the Nightsky". If u had it, plz upload and sent me. really need it badly. Jorn that is vocalist also perfoming as live vocal for Yngwie Malmstein and Ayreon (album 01011001). His vocal is energic. Lyric is based on Outerspace? (whatever). Before in their Demo their using harsh vocal but not in this album. The atmosphere was dark epic. Remind me to Therion ofc. Keyboard as main key for this band (dark orchestra) while supporting by disorted guitar. I do enjoying all the track. Although its not really "Outerspace" element, overall this album is fuckin awesome. highly recommended. Ty to Mundanus Imperium for such a great masterpiece.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Golden Dawn - Masquerade (2003)

Country : Austria
Genre    : Extreme Gothic Metal

01. Silent Inferno
02. Doomsday Celebration
03. Alive and Immortal?
04. Where Dragons Reign
05. Masquerade
06. Enthralled by Unknown Dimensions
07. Unborn Again
08. A Memory's Reflection
09. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
10. Angel

My Comment
I was almost shocking with i heard. I thought extreme gothic will be like Moonspell etc but i was totally wrong. They have many variety influence and element. (same like The Root in my previous post yet there are totally into dark music). Most element are in Neoclassical, some Power, Gothic, Viking and etc. Its really like blend of mix. Whatever they influent are, they still manage to find what their best. Thanks to talented Dreamlord (vocal, keyboard) for good music arrangement. I know him eversince he at Wallachia. "Silent Inferno" uses clean (not very good) and high scream vocal. "Doomsday Celebration" are in neoclassical mode and good solo. For all guitar riff in all track, i rather give 7/10. Good and have many variation depending what mode are. They also had mix with some electronic. I like their bad ass drum well managed to fast and slow beat. Conclusion this album is great yet i do prefer remaining in one genre.
Recommended  !! Salute Them !!

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In Vain - Mantra (2010)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Progressive Death/Black Metal

01. Captivating Solitude
02. Ain't No Lovin'
03. Mannefall
04. On The Banks Of The Mississippi
05. Dark Prophets, Black Hearts
06. Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit Of The Nez Perce)
07. Circle Of Agony
08. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

My Comment
In Vain come with 2nd album bringing a clear progressive black death.
"Captivating Solitude" start in dark sorrow mode. Slow rythm with high pitch scream c/w clean vocal. Guitar riff not very technical but have many variation effect,skill and melodical solo (progressive influence). "Aint No Lovin" are in heavy riff, double pedal and death+black mix vocal. In Vain have long song yet complex whereby u can listen to some classical element,acoustical and clean sound is added. Every layer is changing and making it elaborating like flowing in the wind. In Vain tries to various their rythm in every track leaving plain and same concept to all track. There known what going to reach in this album. My Fav track is "Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter". It remind me to something yet i still dont know what it is. haha..
Well Good luck to In Vain
Salute !!!!

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Aktarum - Gang of Trolls (2010)

Country : Belgium
Genre    : Black Viking Metal

01. Troll's Story
02. Fight To Death
03. Black Troll
04. Jurassik Troll
05. Gang Of Trolls
06. Troll In The Forest
07. Rock'n Troll
08. Spiritual Troll
09. Introll Army
10. Troll Army
11. March of the Trolls
12. Victory Troll
13. Troll Bard
14. Imperial Troll

My Comment
Hail Aktarum for joining viking horde with this new and 1st album "Gang Of Troll". Supporting viking scene with belgium biggest band "Ancient Rites !!!! ". This album start with folkish ambient + orchestra music in "Troll Story". The Troll begin in "Fight of Death" , the good thing belgium have their own viking music comparing norwegian. Look like their using every Troll name in most their track (-_-) .
Keyboard using orchestra and ambient effect making a good black viking atmophere. Guitar riff was really catchy. I cant stop headbanging. Drum also awesome. good galloping through. Vocal are in harsh scream. Not really bad vocal. The journey continue with Black Troll (best track for me) and rest of other track. Their really had their own strength alhough they still new. Whatever it is, grab this album. they do talented.
Best of good luck for them. Highly recommended.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ihsahn - After (2010)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Progressive Metal

01. The Barren Lands
02. A Grave Inversed
03. After
04. Frozen Lakes On Mars
05. Undercurrent
06. Austere
07. Heavens Black Sea
08. On The Shores

My Comment
woot Ihsan back with new album !! err..I missout AngL and should hear soon (fuk me). This album start with "The Barren Lands" which had unique sound (messy rythm) yet really catch my mood. "A Grave Inversed" is in deep fast technical picking with sax (omfg really cool). "After" based on progressive and slower tempo including clean ihsahn vocal. By comparing to their 1st album "The Adversary" i bet this one had devoloped so much. many song was unique (Adversary bit static and bored few end track) with kicking ass drum beat and sax with guitar as building good atmosphere. Although this album not too technical as Adversary, it still had their own strenght. They really had find higher step in expressing their style. They manage to find good way to express sax with metal run from blues influence. Good work Ihsahn. Recommended !!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mysticum - Lost Masters of the Universe (2004)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Industrial Black Metal

01. Intro
02. The Rest
03. Wintermass
04. Mourning
05. Father Beyond
06. Forces of Darkness
07. Outro
08. Demons Never Sleep
09. Crypt of Fear
10. The Shattered Soul
11. The Grave of Petrified Souls
12. Mourning
13. Where the Raven Flies
14. Kingdom Comes
15. Eriaminell
16. Black Magic Mushrooms

My Comment
This is their Best of Compilation album. Too bad their been split up. Maybe they is earliest to bring Industrial in BM scene. "The Rest" was really amazing track from their 1st demo in 1993. Great programming effect (ambient effect), raw disorted riff, fast drum beat with thrash influence, harsh pain vocal. As their Industrial theme, its not really an influence coz they maintaning raw occult BM.  "Wintermass" also quite good for me. First 7 track was poor recording (zz....cant enjoy all good song). Track 8 and after is from their 2nd demo. Look like vocal has been change to bad (haha). Well music arrangement also had change. Good devoloping and unique. Overall, good to hear (they had many idea). Sound was sucky. Good for collection.
Live Long Life to Mysticum !!

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Gehenna - Seen Through the Veils of Darkness (The Second Spell) - (1999)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Black (early), Black/Death Metal (now)

01. Lord of Flies
02. Shairak Kinnummh
03. Vinterriket
04. A Witch Is Born
05. Through the Veils of Darkness
06. The Mystical Play of Shadows
07. The Eyes of the Sun
08. A Myth...
09. Dark Poems Author

My Comment
When it come to 1995, Gehenna manage to raise above many flooded band under Darkthrone, Mayhem, Emperor skirt.
I rather like early Gehenna album due to their dark music. Well it not fast as Darkthrone or any earlier BM band but they had many good riff and awesome dark atmosphere. Guitar riff quite mellow. Keyboard was very very good. really a slab and diff approach from Emperor that time. It also a key to lead all rythm and dark atmosphere. It coins to many & many symphonic BM band afterwards. The harsh vocal manage to show dark and evil theme. Well in next after "Vinterriket", they have some Bathory sound like yet still maintaining Black as main purpose. I pick "Dark Poems Author", "A Witch is Born", "Throught Veil of Darkness" and "A Myth.." as good stand up track. Recommended !!!
Salute !!!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Forlorn - The Crystal Palace (1997)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Black Viking Metal

01. Lik Av Falne Menn
02. Aerefull Ferd
03. Baerer av Nordstjernen
04. The Magellanic Clouds
05. The Crystal Palace
06. Ragnarok
07. Gate of Mystic
08. Lunar Eclipse

My Comment
This album is quite good. When it come to viking, Forlorn manage to find best melodies with good epic sound. To be as their genre black viking i thought it same like Windir or Enslaved. Yet no coz they more into viking than black. Music was slower. More Bathory influence and much similar to Borknagar. More melodies are really calm and elaborated very smoothly. Thanks to ambient keyboard that bring dark cold night thus make the atmosphere live. Well i quite shock with industrial beat at "Crystal Palace" (booooo). Drum had many variation and awesome. "Ragnarok" had diff riff than other track. Much show the glory of viking instead not dark cold music. Well overall recommended this album also. Ty Forlorn. keep up good work. Salute.

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Krohm - The Haunting Presence (2007)

Country : USA
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Bleak Shores
02. Lifeless Serenade
03. I Respiri Delle Ombre
04. Relic
05. Memories of the Flesh
06. Tra la Carne e Il Nulla
07. Syndrome

My Comment
Now back to back with 3rd album by Krohm. Guitar disorted more sharp, more pain vocal, many fast rythm and still depressive misanthrophy. Yet this time music arrangement been change to make different interval in rythm. Atmospheric was really dark ,full variation, and disolation. Synth has become role key to lead the arrangement. As vocal i rather like their previous album. Drum become more fast this time. What happen after track 3 and others? are they experimental new music?(fast music combining with depressive). Well quite good but i want glory of "World through Dead Eyes" rise again. My fav track for this album is Lifeless Serenade.
Good job Numinas, Salute !!

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Krohm - A World Through Dead Eyes (2004)

Country : USA
Genre    : Black Metal

01. I Suffer the Astral Woe
02. A Lurking Dream
03. The Waning
04. When Morning Never Returned
05. A World Through Dead Eyes
06. Silence Turns to Gray
07. My Hearse

My Comment
This are one mand band that really attract me. This album limited to 500 copy only. Also this 1st their album after two demos. Krohm is full with depressive misantrophy element. Music arrangement was great. Actually i never thought american cant do like this (lol now im wrong). Atmospheric is superb. Guitar riff full disorted with bringing dark melodies and depressive. Drum do great job in mixing double paddle with slow mode beat following dark synth rythm. All song here full with memoriable magical darkness atmosphere. I bet this is the best depressive band that i couldnt imagine. Lazy to review more so behold youself and hear it.
Recommended to all metallers.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars (2009)

Country : France
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Acceptance (Aske)
02. Disciple's Libration (Lost in the Nine Worlds)
03. The Cosmic Echoes of Non-Matter (Immaterial Voices of the Fathers)
04. Translucent Body of Air (Sutta Anapanasati)
05. The Formless Sphere (Beyond the Reason)
06. ...the Meditant (Dialogue With the Stars)
07. The Alcove of Angels (Vipassana)
08. Antithesis of the Flesh (...and Then Arises a New Essence)
09. Elevation

My Comment
Blut Aus Nord has been among 1994 yet still struggle to spread BM legacy. They also place themselves as a good french band following biggest name like Aneroxia Nervosa and Antaeus. "Acceptance" will calm u down with peace and cold synth. What i like about this album is their atmosphere. it was dark, deepressive, melodies and calm. Riff and rythm are plenty and elaborating perfectly. Heavy and clean sound with fast tremolo sometime. Disolating keyboard effect that sometime lead the melodies, make the song mixing heavy and calm atmosphere. Scream was great pain although not a key that lead all melodies. Blut Aus Nord had really make this album one step higher to variate BM defeating "monopolise" band. All the song just flow and flow bringing ur soul and emotion to new dimension.
Well to look back at greatest effort in 2009 i pick this one as the best.  Recommended to All.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Blessed In : 2010

     Hails to the King !!
     "Hear and behold as I honor Thee and Thy realm. I stand humbly before Thee, asking for Thy blessing and favor"

     Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has been viewing and reading this blog, and those who have commented, supporting and cursing me. I appreciate your feedback, and an even bigger thanks to those who have linked to this blog.

     Actually i never expected so many ppl will visit this blog since i started. For me i just sharing my interest as slave for Him. Darkness glory will never ended.

     So in this new eve, i would like to wish happy prosperity new year, forgive me for all past mistaken.
"Be Blessed, Keep the horns up !!!".

"Musick! Lift up my Sacrifice!"
Thus sang the Lapis Flute for Djann,
"And at my Word, let fall the Blade
Upon the ripen'd field of Man.
Let Old Adam bend beneath the Scythe
And grant the New his bloody tithe."
Thus sang the Voice of Azrvan!

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