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Monday, November 30, 2009

Artch - Another Return (1988)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Power Metal

01. Conversio Prelude
02. Another Return To Church Hill
03. Power To The Man
04. Loaded
05. Where I Go
06. Metal Life
07. The Promised Land
08. Shoot To Kill
09. Living In The Past
10. Reincarnation

My Comment
Form in 1983, bringing power metal music (power metal golden era ofc). After 4 years making demo, now this is their 1st album. "Conversio Prelude" starts with folkish sound. Well track two remember me to...iron maiden ofc !!! . The diff is the sound is a bit darker. Not very much slow solo. Just concentrate on catchy riff and maintaining their speed. Good for me then (no Hammerfall whatsoever..hehe). Vocal is great. Drum beat is static a bit. I hope next album will be more melodical riff. Well this good album for maiden fans.  

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wolven Ancestry - Silence of the Boreal (2009)

Country : Canada
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Intro
02. Silence of the Boreal
03. An Animistic Awakening
04. Memories of Life Forgotten With Time
05. A Trail of Blood in Snow
06. Hymn of the Fallen
07. March Forth Under Tortured Skies
08. Codex Canadiensis
09. The Bering Descent

My Comment
This album is release on 7th August 2009. "Silence of Boreal" looked have more symphonic element than melodical. But they do have their trademark. Their guitar have many good technical riff with sometime a clean sound supporting ambient atmosphere by keyboard. The vocal is not too clear which is good for me. Great scream ofc. The drum is quite good. changing drum beat between double pedal and fast snare. But not much idea evolve from the beat. "An Animistic Awakening" was totally good song for me. Love it. Well i like their style combining clean guitar sound in the middle of fast rythm in "A Trail Blood in Snow". Also supporting opera choir and keyboard finished it perfectly. Well accomplished. Good acoustic with folkish element in "Hymn of The Fallen". "Codex Canadiensis" is same style as "Trail Blood in Snow". I really hope their will keep this style in next album. Overall, Great album. Not very best but also good to hear.
Good Effort. Salute !!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taake - Nattestid Ser Porten Vid (1999)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Vid I
02. Vid II
03. Vid III
04. Vid IV
05. Vid V
06. Vid VI
07. Vid VII

My Comment
This is 1st Taake album. Well straight to review this album. For me its like a second wave of BM. "Vid I" bring me to old black metal memories. Their song build in various rythm with some folkish influence. Guitar riff was like razor blade that leads the band onwards. Quite technical with some neoclassical element. Combining electric and sometime clean effect they really can elaborate all the rythm very perfectly. Even the bass also isolated riff, not just followed the leads but supporting to make a super melodical. By vocal, salute to Ulvhedin Hoest. he perform very well in high pitch and scream. For drum, it was fast..not much idea to finishing the great riff and others but not very dissapointed also. Overall, I enjoying every single track. Great masterpiece. I just hoping they can make a good quality recording. Recomended to all Black Metal lovers.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cadaveria - The Shadows' Madame (2002)

Country : Italy
Genre   : Symphonic Doom/Black Metal

01. Spell
02. Declaration Of Spiritual Independence
03. In Memory Of Shadows' Madame
04. Circle Of Eternal Becoming
05. The Magic Rebirth
06. Black Glory
07. Absolute Vacuum

My Comment
This is their 1st album that release in 2002. They combining gothic and black metal with lyrics based on paganism and occult. Most of Cadaveria is from Opera IX (my fav band) and the name cadaveria is from their female vocal. With virtuoso symphonic in "Spell", i quite shock with their genre. I like cadaveria in Opera IX rather than like this. Well nice effort its sound like old heavy metal vocal. To all donno how cadaveria vocal look like, it softer than Arch Enemy and harder and Kittie. Then with Track 2, quite bored..Best track for me is Track 3. Well what i like about Cadaveria is the riff and rythm is not same as Opera IX although most of Opera IX member. Bad news is this album not too good. Well good effort.
Salute !!!!

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Swallow The Sun - New Moon (2009)

Country : Finland
Genre    : Melodic Doom

01. These Woods Breathe Evil
02. Falling World
03. Sleepless Swans
04. ...and Heavens Cried Blood
05. Lights on the Lake (Horror pt. III)
06. New Moon
07. Servant of Sorrow
08. Weight of the Dead

My Comment
Finland ftw !! at 1st i thought it just like Funeral (last review). Surely not. Starts with "These Woods Breathe Evil" , similar to Dark Lunacy. Quite awesome orchestra. Then come the voice by Mikko (Algazanth vocal also).  Diff with Algazanth is this mixing the low and high picth vocal and clean vocal . Well i like the voice. The music is not slow as Doom.  Then come with melodic death riff in "Falling World". i just really impressed with the riff. Not so hard and not so slow. Now Mikko mixing with clean vocal. Damn so good song. "Sleepless Swans" not so much diff then "Falling World". Also good melodical song. Now Track 5 with mixing with clean girl vocal (idk her name). The riff and style not same as above song. Quite nice horror scene. In "New Moon" Mikko using clean vocal over it. Well conclusion for me, they are good band.
Not much diff then Algazanth because they do talented in various riff in all song.
Recommended to all. Well done ..
Salute !!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Acid - Acid (1982) & Maniac (1983)

Country : Belgium
Genre    : Speed Thrash Metal

Track from Album Acid
01. Acid
02. Ghostriders
03. Hell on Wheels
04. Anvil
05. Demon
06. Hooked on Metal
07. Woman at Last
08. Five Days in Hell
09. Heaven's Devils
10. Satan

Track from Album Maniac
11. Max Overload
12. Maniac
13. Black Car
14. America
15. Lucifera
16. No Time
17. Prince Of Hell And Fire
18. Bottoms Up

My Comment
"Acid is the name, heavy metal is our game !!". What can i say..i just impress with "Acid". Old thrash riff and drums, and the girl clean vocal (named Kate) is not to hard and not to "pop ish". Kate is one of earliest female metal singer. Well their lyric is based on metal, sex and satan (wooooot) and all their lyric is simple and enjoyable to sing (really thanks to Kate). Their riff is much softer than Motorhead. For me its like revolusion between dark element and thrash thats coins to many heavy metal band later on. The Drum was really enjoyable and fast. Whatever the songs, all the riff is awesome. i really enjoying all the track.. Between this two album, "Acid" is better for me. Its more thrashing than Metal. "Maniac" has many metal element than thrash. For Kate vocal, i choose "Acid" also. Many good songs i cant choose which is best. Well i recommended this album to all metal fans out there.
Special thanks to Acid because making metal scene to grown.
Salute !!!

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Astrofaes - Those Whose Past is Immortal (2005)

Country : Ukraine
Genre    : Black Metal

01. The Principle of Existence
02. Hate Fang
03. The Depths of the Past
04. Blackest Mountain Chain of Cursed Time
05. The Abyss (The Edge of Eternity)
06. Soul of The Black Forest
07. Glacial Darkness

My Comment
Here goes Ukrainian metal scenes. Astrofaes is also big name same like Drudkh, Lucifugum, Nokturnal Mortum etc. Well btw this band member is all from Drudkh (loool) and with many sessionist member among them also (zzz). Well their sound not like Drudkh, Lucifugum, Noktural Mortum either. Astrafaes mix raw rythm with some epic element (less than Drudkh) and with fast picking. Also not raw as Lucifugum or not evil scream like Nokturnal Mortum. "The Depth of the Past" is really good instrumne song..fukin epic and good old guitar effect. What i really like Astrofaes is their melodies that are never ending until end of the song. Track 4 was evil !! the rythm never stop. Well done keyboard for making a very dark music. "The Abyss" also is good song. 30% ingredient with Drudkh : ) . Well "Glacial Darkness" is also instrumental song with medieval element. As the songs never end. I recommended this for all Drudkh fans and BM fans out there..
Salute !!!

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Lantlos - Lantlos (2008)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Black Metal

01. þinaz Andawlitjam
02. Mittsommerregen
03. Ruinen
04. Kalte Tage
05. Ëin

My Comment
Well this is their 1st album produce in 22/09/08. Well this quite nice because they have their own strength with many refreshing idea in their song. Noisy disortion, melancholy rythm. not too raw and not too smooth.
"Pinaz Andawlitjam" is a really good song. They elaborate every rythm perfectly. Although the sound quality not too nice (drum beat not very clear), i really can close my eyes and enjoy this song. "Mittsommerregen" also not dissapointed."Ruinen" start with post rock rythm, depressive scream (bad for me), noisyy riff..but good in acoustical...Now "Kalte Tage" really attract me. Better track compare others. They really shown up this time. "Ein" is instrumental song..quite ambient..now i can really avoid any scream..keep up good work.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Funeral - From These Wounds (2006)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Funeral Doom (Before), Melodic Doom (Now)

01. This Barren Skin
02. From These Wounds
03. The Architecture of Loss
04. Red Moon
05. Vagrant God
06. Pendulum
07. Saturn

My Comment
Many ppl miss categorized with this band. They are Doom Death. not Funeral Doom..so whatsover, lets hear how this album are. Eh..wtf track 1 is corrupt. lazy to download again..so skip to "From these wounds". They creating a simple and easy to memorise riff, clean saddd vocal, ambient sound....much slower than Anathema. melodical with loneliness and sad atmosphere. Mixing Doom and Death scene. "From these wound" and "The Architecture of Loss" is great. Well done with melodical solo and riff. Great ambient in "Red Moon". "Vagrant God" starting with bored repeating rythm and become good in middle song (with melancholy solo). For Vocal i think "From these wounds" is the best. Well sorry i gotta say i like dark doom atmosphere rather than sad and loneliness rythm. Well nice effort u guys..I pick Track 2,3 & 4 as good to hear.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Odium - The Sad Realm of the Stars (1998)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Winterpath
02. Towards the Forest Horizon
03. Palace of Forgotten Dreams
04. Thy Eternal Nightfall
05. The Sad Realm of the Stars
06. Northern Flames
07. Through the Sorrowfilled Forest
08. The Brightness of the Weeping Kingdom
09. Riding the Starwinds

My Comment
Em...remind me to Limbonic Art. "Winterpath" fukin rule. great atmospheric by keyboard, bad ass drum beat, evil pain scream and good raw guitar riff.  Not bad for track 2. Super great atmospheric riff and then change to deep cold riff and the ambient sound from base guitar..Track 3 start with choir effect (booringg). i really hope their using concept in track 1 and 2.  "The Eternal Nightfall" making me feel like im in dark freezy oak forest. was great vocal compare others track..all was perfect.  "Northern Flames" not very dark..just symphonic only. facinating with the drum beat make me continue listening this song....I pick "Winterpath" , "Towards the forest horizon", "The Eternal Nightfall" , "Riding the Starwinds" as good song to hear. I hope they can be active and produce new album. Salute Odium.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Menhir - Die Ewigen Steine (1997)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Pagan Black Metal

01. Menhir
02. Winter
03. Die Auserwählten
04. Warriors Of The North
05. Schwertzeit
06. Barditus
07. Tag der Vergeltung
08. Paganlord

My Comment
This is Menhir 1st album. More raw than later album. "Menhir" was totally awesome. It has very strong old riff and better drummer (Tormentor from Graveworm ftw). For vocal, i think their next album was better than this one (except growl and harsh vocal). Keyboard just supporting the majestic riff by guitar. Lack galloping rythm compare to later album. Well some ppl rather like an old sound..so i recommended this album. I pick "Menhir", "Schwertzeit", "Tag der Vergeltung" (damn i like the drum beat). Salute Menhir !!

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Menhir - Ziuwari (2001)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Pagan Black Metal

01. Wotans Runenlied
02. Die Letzte Schlacht
03. Herminafrieds Klage
04. Das Verborgene Reich
05. Valhalla
06. Steinsburg
07. Ziuwari

My Comment
Equilibrium? Falkenbach? Germany should be proud to Menhir also. They have the root..and the talent. Starting with strong riff and symphonic in "Wotans Runenlied". Good galloping for sure. Softer than equilibrium, very good growl with clean vocal ofc (thats viking are). They variable their riff until i didnt notice i still in track 1 (lol). Track 2 more on old viking/pagan songs. Great riff and solo...this time they elaborate the riff slowly. Track 3 is acoustic with ambient keyboard (much similar to falkenbach). Track 4 with many vibrato solo (coolies) more melodies, and for me its not too good song compare b4. "Valhalla" is back on the track. Good intro and great symphonic. "Ziuwari" start in slow and became rough later. much heavier than other track b4. Conclusion, Its good for viking/pagan fans. Salute Menhir !!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Metal Tribute to Britney Spears

Genre : Compilation

01. Kevorkian - Baby One More Time
02. Type O Negative - Baby One More Time
03. Ten Masked Man - Baby One More Time
04. Christian Lee - Baby One More Time
05. Children Of Bodom - Baby One More Time
06. Black Ingvars - Baby One More Time
07. Gorath - Toxic
08. SugarComa - You Drive Me Crazy
09. Crystall Ball - Crazy
10. Local X - Toxic

My Comment
Well there goes new metal cover to britney. Well theres no cover album so i made one myself (woot). Well Btw track 1 is from Kevorkian (death groove metal). This cover sucks and not technical as other their songs. Next from Type O Negative. Well this is quite good (slow funky riff) and good vocal from Peter Steele. He really can be pop singer (lool). Most of Ten Masked Man songs is cover song. Their best cover for me is" Gangster Paradise". Skip Christian Lee and go with Bodom. I hope this one is ok too..Oh hell yah...Nice vocal by Laiho. With mix with britney as backup vocal. Thanks to the solo : )  . Black Ingvars combine their style (heavy+electronic) with this cover. Great Electronic and synth. Gorath take really right song for them and elaborate it perfectly. Good riff !! Made the toxic as best good cover. SugarComa also not too bad. With girl vocal and backup scream vocal. Now Crystall Ball showing their also talented with cover song. Good heavy metal voice. With great solo too. Best songs after Gorath. Last song was Local X. Everything was great accept their voice. Great effort you guys. Enjoy.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Misteltein - Rape in Rapture (2000)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Darkness Scars My Soul
02. Twilights Sigh
03. Autumns Misty Might
04. Nevercoming
05. The Fire in My Eyes
06. Inquisition of the Bleeding God
07. Hymn of a Timeless Being
08. Dusk Rising
09. Silvertears

My Comment
Eversince the previous post b4, i interested to heard more from them. This is their 1st album. Well.. this album is not so heavy than "Divine.Desecrate.Complete". Full of symphonic influence. And i love when they play in slow mode. Guitar riff also not so technical. "Twillight Sigh" really attracted me. Well work guys. Now finally then get melodical over the symphonic in "Autumn Misty Might". "Nevercoming" had best vocal (higher pitch than dimmu) but this song a bit bored."Fire in my eyes" also same concept as "Nevercoming. I love the church organ in "Inquisition of bleeding god" and "Dust rising" (pffff theatres des vampires had stop play this sound). For conclusion this album is not so bad. All song still great. but to compare with "Divine.Desecrate.Complete", this album loose.. Also recommended.
Great job guys. Salute !!

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Misteltein - Divine. Desecrate. Complete (2001)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Intro
02. Bloodline Desires
03. Thy Kingdom Cum
04. Where Angels No More Roam...
05. Completion
06. Forsaken Emperor
07. Excruciate the Virgin Dream
08. Eye of the Shadowden
09. Entwined
10. Ascending Through Descending

My Comment
The intro start with synth,low deep vocal,girl screaming and pain. Continue track two was awesome !! full of dark atmospheric and symphonic. good guitar riff. The drummer also act well. I like their combination between high pitch scream and low deep growl. They capable to eleborate their music nicely. Track 4 had diff synth concept not like other track b4. Afterall the track also enjoyable and good also. Track 7 has a best facinating drum beat ever !!! ..The best track is "Bloodline Desire" btw the other track also quite good. i really enjoying all the songs. They rules it. For Symphonic lover, highly recommended.
Salute !!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Galar - Skogskvad (2006)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Viking Metal

01. Skogskvad
02. Ragnarok
03. Dødsmyr
04. Kronet til konge
05. Skumring
06. Hugin og munin
07. Slagmarkens falne sjeler
08. Jotneraid

My Comment
For long time i not post on Viking Section, so here come. I actually really impress with this band coz this is their 1st full length album and still capable to stand like others old band. Well "Skogskvad" is really fun. Softer than Enslaved, more enjoyable than Tyr (pfff Tyr fans), with full melodical and just simple riff, combining growl with clean vocal,  and they just flow it perfectly. The best part is acoustic part in the middle of the song. "Kronet til konge" is the best riff and rythm among alls songs. "Skumring" is instrumental slow song with viking and epic environment (instrument by keyboard and bassoon). "Hugin og munin" is not very good as other track. Track 7 had strong riff and good drum beat. All the track is good.For me its the best viking album. Thanks Galar for making really great stuff. Looking forward to your next album.
Recomended to all.

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Twilight Ophera - Descension (2006)

Country : Finland
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Charagma
02. Hollow Movements of Flesh 03
03. Suicide Harlequin
04. Mirage of Moira
05. Born of Brimstone Womb
06. Sulphur Spiral
07. Sanguine Diadem
08. Wraith Reveries
09. SYN
10. Silhouettes of Paradox Craft

My Comment
Starting with "Charagma", i was a bit shock with no intro and really fast rythm. Oh btw, this is 1st time i heard their album and i just thinking they similar to Aneroxia Nervosa. Really love this song. Catchy Rythm, Good Scream. They had nice rythm, bad ass drummer with supporting keyboard to keep the dark atmosphere. Well continue with track 2,  their rythm changing and become Acturus + Dimmu. I still cant predict their trademark. Track 3 made me upset due to same concept as track 2 ( I need "Charagma" concept badly). Track 4 starts with deep bass and melodical part (thats why their called melodic lol). For me its a diff melodic BM (quite bored..so skip it)."Sulphur Spiral" start with really fast cool solo and bored later (with choir effect and ambient keyboard ). "Wraith Reveries" also start with nice fast solo and bored later (well now theres clean vocal over it). Ah lol "SYN" also same. Conclusion, ONLY "Charagma" rules !!..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monarchia Daemonium - Blasphematorium (2002)

Country : France
Genre    : Black Metal

01. The Opening (Intro)
02. L'Avatar Du Mal
03. Cadaver Sanguisugus
04. Le Fil du Mal Absolu
05. From The Archangel to the Beast
06. Love the Beast Inside
07. Corpus Christi
08. Epilogue
09. Apocalyptical Bloodbath (ghost track)

My Comment:
This is their demo album. The album start with with gate sound and dark growl. Nice one. Then continue with track 2 with very nice riff and bad quality recording. So many scream until its hard to heard the riff. They was fast and full energic. Very nice solo aswell (same style like Death). Good track to hear. Track 3 start with instrumental sound (sound like Amorphis and Lake of tears) and very bad drum record. Track 4 had many good riff and great tapping solo. Now they really mess up the song. Vocal in track 5 are the worst than other track. Track 7 is good and super fast drum beat. I like this track. Ghost track? Ooo..track with no sound...zzzz..well btw now they had split. so sad but nice work..Salute.

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Oathean - Fading Away into the Grave of Nothingness (2004)

Country : Korean
Genre    : Melodic Black/Death

1. Distant Requiem Buried Within
2. Wandering Soul
3. From the Depths of Despair
4. The Origin
5. A Life of Suffering Craving the Darkness
6. Voice of My Soul
7. Beyond the Memories I Lost
8. Scent of Longing
9. Road to...
10. In Fear with Shiver (Live)

My Comment
Chthonic? Sunoi? Oh well..there is one more good asia band. With many session musican (therion ftw), this band mix black & death melodical + traditional in their songs. Well recorded also. "Wondering soul" make me wonder this band is similar like illnath and dark tranquility. The keyboard effect was awesome and full with melodical and is a main key for this band. Bla bla bla track 3 was crap. The crap continue with track 4 and some others. Many of the riff and drum are quite repeatative and feel boreeeed. "Road too.." is instrumental music with traditonal korean Hae-geum (i guess). They should choose either to play black or melodic death. For melodic lover, i hope this rock u up. Good effort you guys.

  * Picture of Hae-geum.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Seth - Nastivity (2003)

Country : France
Genre    : Black Metal

01. The Infinite Corridor
02. Darkness Remains
03. The Black Weapon
04. Apocalyptic Dream
05. Until the End
06. Until the End
07. The Forest of the Damned
08. The Chemerical Quest

My Comment
This is their compilation album. The 1st and 2nd  song is RAW !! all thing was great accept awful song quality : (   Well btw they had really good high pitch scream also fast drum and cathy riff. "The Black Weapon" is quite bored (this from their 1st album)...well..the raw continue with track 4. Evil sound nice scream dark atmosphere. I like this song. then continue with track 5 and 6 with same songs name but diff sound. The song quality been better now but losing their raw ( pffff ). Track 6 with choir effect by keyboard.
With changing lineup..its more to be atmospheric influence rather than raw at 1st (sad lol).
Salute Them.

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