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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Forest of Stars - The Corpse of Rebirth (2008)

Country : UK
Genre    : Psychedelic Black Metal

01. God
02. Female
03. Male
04. Earth and Matter
05. Microcosm

My Comment
huh? Psychedelic? Whats that? Well psychedelic is some soft of mind manifesting. Track 1 start with noisy riff and melancholic violin. Its like song from My Dying Bride - For my fallen angel with noisy riff. (lool the violin is played by My Dying Bride Member !!).  After long intro and comes the dark deep growl. Nice growl dude. Em..very interesting dark rythm in track 2. Now i can feel what the psychedelic is about. The sound of drum not very clear in fast mode. Track 3 is quite bored at beginning. I pick track 2 and 5 as good to hear.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shining - V - Halmstad (2007)

Country : Sweeden
Genre   : Black Metal

01. Yttligare Ett Steg Närmare Total Jävla Utfrysning
02. Längtar Bort Från Mitt Hjärta
03. Låt Oss ta Allt Från Varandra
04. Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni
05. Åttiosextusenfyrahundra
06. Neka Morgondagen

My Comment
Gun in mouth? are they sound thrash? or old skool BM? or Impaled Nazarene? hell no. They are more on depressive BM. Most of the sound not very heavy like other BM out there. Not stereotype BM or depressive either. I can feel it like Opeth style in black mode.They are combining slow and fast rythm, with melancolic solo and acoustic part supporting ambient sound by keyboard. Most of lyric is based on depressive and hate. All the growl pitch accordingly to rythm. I really enjoying all their songs. Looking forward for you guys.
Salute them !!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obscurcis Romancia - Obscurcis Romancia (2003)

Country : Canada
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Prélude À La Nuit
02. La Sombre Mélodie Du Barde Noir
03. Funeste Romance
04. As The Desire Of Evil Is Unsatisfied
05. La Mer Des Incompris
06. Le Règne Du Seigneur De Perdition
07. Cette Fleur

My Comment
Opening intro with nice keyboard sound, em..idk how to describe them.
growl not in high pitch, a bit harsh with some deep growl (so many scream). their keyboard act superb (maintaining dark symphonic sound that been mess up by guitar..loool ). guitar riff was fast & solo too (many variation in riff that me wonder, its mix black death -_-). Awesome drum also (following keyboard rythm). ok back to the album, for me...em..they still searching their trademark. i pick Track 6, Track 7 as good track to hear. Keep up the good work (more darker pls).

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Root - Kargeras (1996)

Country : Czech Republic
Genre    : Black Metal/Dark Epic Metal

1. Lykorian
2. Kargeras Prologue
3. Kargeras
4. Prophet's Song
5. Rulbrah
6. Rodaxx
7. Old Man
8. Old Woman
9. Equirhodont - Grandiose Magus
10. Dygon - Monstrosity
11. Trygan - Sexton
12. Dum Vivimus, Vivamus

My Comment:
They are 2nd wave of BM although their name was not big as Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and etc. Many said their songwriting was superb. I admit it They really doing some research here. They approch in dark sound with clean voice maintaining the BM ideology. Most their song was not simplistic and fixed but have many variation. Starting with instrumental in Lykorian and acoustic guitar in Kargeras Prologue. I pick "Kargeras" is the best track. Others track i pick "Prophet Song", "Equirhodon ", "Dygon" coz the very interesting dark music ^^. Woot..very nice 'dark' galloping rythm in "Trygan". They are brilliant, Salute !! 

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Bann - Æschatologia (2009)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Neoclassical/Ambient Black Metal

01. Der Geiger
02. Schwarze Bulle
03. Narrenschyff
04. Carmina Necrologia
05. Fraß der Flammen: I Póli
06. Die letzten Dinge (Æschatolog)

My Comment
This album had released in february this year. There only two member (one only play violin, one more play others). Opening melancholy violin intro in Der Geiger supporting with ambient sound by keyboard, they was awesome !! (last i heard the good violin is The sin of thy beloved). The "Narrenshyff" was amazing !!!. What i like about this band is although length per song almost 10 min, they not quite bored and full with variation and expanding the melodic. I can feel like "My dying bride + Tvangeste (slow mode) + Sin of thy beloved .
Good Effort. Salute !!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Evol - Dies Irae (2001)

Country : Italy
Genre    : Atmospheric/Medieval Black Metal

01. The Chant of the Witch
02. Prologue (Waiting for His Coming)
03. The Return of the Horned King
04. Sorrow of the Witch
05. The Dark Dreamquest (Intro)
06. A Sad Doom of a Dark Soul (Chutulusumgal`s Presence)
07. The Ancient King of Ice (Mighty Yugsuduk)
08. The Awakening (Outro)
09. Witchlord (Bonus)
10. Sorrow of the Witch (Live)
11. Saga of the Horned King (Live)

My Comment:
They was 2nd wave BM and best sound recorded in early 90s. im not hearig yet thier previous album, i hope i can hear it soon. This was compilation album and feature some songs from thier early demo. 1st track was DOOM !! and with the magical eko chant "Eko, Eko, Azarak, Eko, Eko, Zamilak, Eko, Eko , Cernnunos, Eko, Eko, Aradia" . 2nd track also rule !!.. Track 3 is more to some early heavy metal (em..like metallica riff -_-) . The magical spirit continue with 4th,5th and all other track. I cant pick the best track, so i select all track is the best..Tq Evol...thanks for this great stuff... Salute !!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thou Art Lord - Orgia Daemonicum (2005)

Country : Greece
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Possesed / The Legion
02. Hecate Unveiled
03. An Apparition Of Vengeance
04. He, the great worm
05. The Gnostic Code
06. The Royal Invocation Of Apophis
07. Orgia Deamonicum
08. Necromantic
09. Satanic Aphorisms
10. Onslaught (Power From Hell)

My Comment:
When it release in 2005 i just only heard "An Apparition of Vengence". Its was super great song but I never thought the album is so f**king rule. By two former of Rotting Christ, sure does it had a bit similarity with RC. All guitar riff is really raw and catchy. The drum was outstanding (tq to Themis Tolis) and not same as previous album. What can i say is this album is totally diff then other BM band out there. Track 10 is cover from Onslaught (they should make a good cover -_-). Salute !! hope they can produce such this great album in future.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Theatres des Vampires - Bloody Lunatic Asylum (2001)

Country : Italy
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal (Early)

01. Preludium To Madness
02. Till The Last Drop Of Blood
03. Une Saison En Enfer
04. Dances With Satan
05. Lilith's Child
06. Pale Religious Letchery
07. Altar Of The Black Mass
08. Lunatic Asylum
09. Oath Of Supremacy
10. Dominions
11. Les Litanies De Satan

My Comment
I would like pick this album is the best album rather than new theatres album (gothic style loool.). Opening grooming intro in Predulium to madness. The 2nd track "Till the last drop of blood" is nearly sound by early COF. Next is my favourite song ever "Uni Saison En Enfer" !!!....the song was in acoustic mix, great melodical, pipe organ sound, great vocal by pretty Sonya Scarlet ^^ . The enjoying continue with "Dances with satan" and all other. I really love all track here..The Best Melodic BM album ever. Salute !!

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Atritas - Medium Antigod (2007)

Country : Switzerland
Genre   : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Psychosomatic Gallery (Intro)
02. Earthbound Suicide
03. Medium Antigod
04. Obtained Orphanage
05. Massacre Pour Une Ballade
06. Ravenous And Devilish
07. Das Tier
08. Lunar Psychosis
09. Decades Of Nihilism
10. Black Dominion Era

My Comment
This a must have album for all symphonic lover. Their music is like Algazanth + Dimmu . Technical guitar riff, sharp high pitch ghoul (same like bishop of hexen). The keyboard is not a main key for this band..just supporting guitar and most using choir background to keep the atmosphere alive. I pick Earthbound Suicide , Massacre Pour Une Ballade, Obtained Orphanage, Black Dominion Era as a good  track to hear.
Keep up all good work guys. Cheers.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Thorngoth - Rauhnacht (2008)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Curse Them, Curse Them
02. Kill For Paradise
03. Schiachperchten 
04. Der Wanderer 
05. Nihilistic Visions
06. Salvation In Silence 
07. Abgrund
08. Still, Von Ewigkeit

My Comment
Well balance album, old BM sound, noisy lead and riff and really good ghoul. i really enjoying all the track.
I pick "Nihilistic Vissions" as a good song. Good potential band to lead succesfully. Bless u.
Keep up good work. Cant wait to hear from u more.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nae'blis - Sketches Of Reality (2007)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Atmospheric Black Metal

01. Distorted Mind
02. The Curse Of Evolution
03. Sketches Of Reality
04. No Purpose In Life

My Comment
Nae'blis is one man band by Magnus. It should be labelled Depressive BM lol...they rather have more depressive element than atmospheric...well btw i enjoying all their track although... ..(had some rtyhm not suite with the cord)
Love it !!!  Tq Magnus for the good music. U r really talented.
Hails Naeblis.

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Nortt - Ligfaerd (2005)

Country : Denmark
Genre    : Funeral Doom Metal

01. Gudsforladt
02. Ligprćdike
03. Vanhellig
04. Tilforn Tid
05. Dřdsrune
06. Ligfard

My Comment
This is 1st time i hear stuff from this band. for me its more like black+doom. i was impress with their work.
Rough guitar sound, high pitch growl (Black style), really good funeral ambient sound and effect, good drum percussion and choir. and the music just flowing and i just realise i in track 6th..huhu..looking forward to hear more from them.
Thumb up...salute !!!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sentenced - Manifesto Of (2009)

Country : Finland
Genre    : Melodic Death Metal

01. Ever-Frost (single edit)
02. Vengeance Is Mine 
03. Despair Ridden-Hearts 
04. No One There (single edit)
05. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
06. Excuse me While I Kill Myself
07. Broken 
08. Dead Moon Rising 
09. Killing Me Killing You (single edit) 
10. Drown Together 
11. The Rain Comes Falling Down 
12. The Suicider 
13. Bleed 
14. Noose (live) 
15. Nepenthe (live) 
16. The Trooper 
17. Northern Lights

My Comment
Ah..lagendary band...no need to introduce this band.. this is just a new release 2009 best of compilation by them. With many hit song..sure does it take u down..ah lol why this compilation is just 1 cd....and they should include song "Mourn" also..huuu..btw..keep metal till dead !!!
Salute them !!

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pass : brunooghe

Catharsis - Wings (2005)

Country : Russia
Genre   : NeoClassical Power Metal

01. Overture
02. Who Are You?
03. Hold Fast
04. Wings
05. Our Way
06. Call of the Beast
07. Talisman
08. Madre
09. The Guardian of Times
10. Remember Me
11. The Symphony of Fire
12. The Song of the Moon

My Comment
Due to Eerie Light in b4 review, make me wonder how their next album. 1st few song (same like Eerie Light), show their talented in power metal scene. some song a bit static power metal. im a bit shock with "Our way" cause have some sax in the song..cool lool..emotional and calm : ) good work guys. the other song was ok too.(i miss flute sound)

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mirrorthrone - Gangrene (2008)

Country : Switzerland
Genre   : Experimental/Atmospheric Black Metal

01. Dismay
02. No One By My Side 
03. The Fecal Rebellion
04. Ganglion
05. Une Existence Dont Plus Personne Ne Jouit 
06. So Frail 

My Comment
For any atmospheric fans, this sure not dissapoint u. full of fresh idea in their song (experimental ftw).
The keyboardist is a main key for this band. i really love the rythm. they a bit lack in guitar rythm and some sound was overtune (oh lol). Hope the guitar can play better in next album.
Salute !!

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Catharsis - Eerie Light (2004)

Country : Russia
Genre   : Classical Power Metal

01. Who are you
02. Remember Me
03. Eerie Light
04. Heart of the world
05. Dancing in the Fire
06. Eerie Light (English Version)

My comment:
By combining ambient sound by keyboard and flute, all i can say, they was great.
In 1st few song, they really got my mood on..4th and 5th track is more on symphonic and electronic -_-
btw i still like this album : )

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thunderstone - Dirt Metal (2009)

Country : Finland
Genre : Power Metal

01. Rebirth
02. I Almighty
03. Dirt Metal
04. Blood That I Bleed
05. Star
06. Ghosts Of Youth
07. Counting Hours
08. Dodge The Bullet
09. Deadlights
10. At The Feet Of Fools
11. Suffering Song

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Metal Gempur 666 - Compilation (2000)

Country : Malaysia/Singapore
Genre : Compilation Black Metal

01. Rash Upon The Blade - Abhorrence
02. One’s Mind - Sil Khannaz
03. Theatre Of The Flash - Carnal Grief
04. Vociferation Eternity – Vociferation Eternity
05. Shadows Of Path – In Memorium
06. The Falling Tears – Heloisa
07. Tangisan Embun Pagi - Langsuyr
08. Archmystic - Ethereal Spawn
09. As I Am Thy Heir Of Thy Throne – Aradia
10. Thy Creator Of Life - Hail
11. Wolf - Xenomorph
12. Tinggam - As Sahar
13. The Unseen - Ambivalence
14. Time Will Bury – Mesmerized
15. Widow Lust - Bazzah

Oo Great...this album is awesome..must have !!

Onmyo-Za - Inyo-Shugyoku (2006)

Country : Japan
Genre : Power/Heavy Metal

Disc 1
01. Mezame
02. Nemuri
03. Koka Ninpocho
04. Hyaku no Oni Ga Yoru Wo Iku
05. Oka no Kotowari
06. Rasetsu
07. Yoka Ninpocho
08. Kamaitachi
09. Kodo
10. Kasha no Wadachi
11. Homura no Tori
12. Hoyoku-Tensho
13. Aogiri no Oka
14. Shiki Wo Karumono
15. Tsuki Ni Murakumo Hana Ni Kaza
16. Maiagaru
17. Akuroo
18. Gainagateya

Disc 2
01. Manji
02. Ayako
03. Kumikyoku "kurotsuka"- Adachigahara
04. Kumikyoku "kurotsuka"- Kikoku-Shushu
05. Kori no Kusabi
06. Nue
07. Kumikyoku "Yoshitsune"- Akki-Hogan
08. Kumikyoku "Yoshitsune"- Muma-Enjo
09. Kumikyoku "Yoshitsune"- Raise-Kaiko
10. Enenra
11. Hotaru
12. Onmyoji

Yearning - Plaintive Scenes (1999)

Country : Finland
Genre : Atmospheric Doom Metal

01. Naïveté
02. Unwritten
03. Grey
04. Soliloqui
05. Plaintive Scenes
06. Soliloqui II
07. Eyes of the Black Flame
08. Nameless

Black Abyss - Land of Darkness (2000)

Country : Germany
Genre : Power Metal

01. Eye of the Storm
02. Black Mirror
03. Chainbreaker
04. Burning Bridges
05. Frozen Tears
06. Hunted Forever
07. The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)
08. The Missing Link
09. Betrayer
10. Land of Darkness

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Nauthisuruz - _ (2008)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Intro
02. To the World Beyond
03. Another Life
04. Eternal Journey
05. Internal Fight
06. Innominatus
07. Flight of Fancy
08. The Dream
09. Volition
10. Sapientia
11. Divine Path
12. Swarog's Night

They are talented !! Recommended.

Nauthisuruz - State Of Mind (2008)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Cosmos
02. Whisper of a Soul
03. Lust
04. Dream, Mesmerize and Think
05. My New Way (Distorted Vision)
06. Requiem to the Darkness
07. Nostalgia (Disco in Hell 2008)
08. Back to the Cold Reality

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Nauthisuruz - Visions (2008)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Intro: Voice From the Depths
02. Invisible is Obvious
03. Apathy
04. Life in Magic
05. Dreaming
06. Ode for Man
07. Lost Feelings
08. My Apocalypse
09. Outro: With No Thoughts

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Nauthisuruz - Sanity Funeral (2007)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Intro
02. We Must Unite
03. Emptiness Alive
04. From On High
05. Purification of Energy
06. Occult Reality
07. Careless
08. Back to the Roots
09. Light Essence
10. Chaos is Eternal
11. Pain
12. Deep Rage
13. Avant-Garde Ideas
14. Celestial
15. Lost
16. It is Our Time
17. Outro

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Nauthisuruz - The end of Nauthisuruz (2007)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

This is a compilation of Sequoror's tracks that were planned for the 3rd album
01. -01
02. -02
03. -03
04. -04
05. -05

No cover album found..its a great album btw..... ^^

After finished working on our "Notes of Inhumanitas", We began the third album.Unfortunately, when the most part of music was done, something like an "ideologic" conflict about the principles of project Nauthisuruz became a reason for us to stop our joint creative work. The result of all that is this instrumental album composed of Sequoror's tracks that were prepared for the unreleased third album. However, track are united in conception (the way we always do).
Several months have passed, we were both working on our non-metal projects, but something was not enough. All disagreements have been forgotten and Nauthisuruz was reborn, but these tracks have not been replayed (and will never be).

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Nauthisuruz - Notes of Inhumanitas (2006)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Intro - Symphony 666
02. Cursed Emotions
03. Rain of Blood
04. Fog Over Black Lands
05. Beauthiful Death
06. The Mysteries of Elements
07. Apocalypse Dawn
08. The Depth of Subconsciousness
09. My Black Dolour
10. Awakening of the Dead
11. Dead March
12. Diabolic Winter
13. In the Dead Sleep
14. From Ancient to Nowhere
15. From Light to the Darkness
16. Outro - Notes of Inhumanitas

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Nauthisuruz - My World Is... (2006)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Intro - The Magic Gates
02. Through Clouds of Peace
03. Dead Twinkling Light
04. The Kingdom of Vile
05. Gardens of Hate
06. Summoning the Warriors
07. Total Death
08. The Blackest Passage
09. After Crossing the Line
10. Cemetery of Hopes
11. My World is...
12. The Ritual of Blue Fire
13. Catacombs of Depression
14. From Dream to Reality, One Step
15. The Coldest of Evil
16. Everholy Sinners
17. Disco in Hell
18. The Eternal Beauty of Darkness
19. Bats of the Dark Forest
20. Outro - The Coming Victories

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