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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Announcement !!

Site will be temporary closed. I had no time to update for now. I will start post by middle or end of March. Sorry for inconvenient caused. Ty for your support.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Skiltron - Beheading the Liars (2008)

Country : Argentina
Genre    : Power Metal

01. Skiltron
02. The Beheading
03. I'm What You've Done
04. Praying is Nothing
05. Calling Out
06. The Vision of Blind Harry
07. Hate Dance
08. Signs, Symbols and the Marks of Man
09. Let the Spirit Be
10. Fast and Wild
11. Crides (Calling Out – Occitan version)

My Comment
They been said as pioneer in this scene. Coz of? they argentine and only few argentine getting in this scene. Well whatever, lets hear them. Starts with intro speech in "Skiltron" then come with scottish big pipe over the way. Vocal are quite like Blind Guardian, with folklore lyrics. Music arrangement was really awesome. Simple and fun galloping riff supporting charming drum beat. "The Beheading" using Mandolin and whistle. Now the vocal much higher from "Skiltron". The good thing is they still have solo guitar. Try heard changeover rythm in "Signs, Symbols and Mark of Man". Incredible beat so far ^^. Overall, its more than i predicted. Really well produced album. Good refreshing folklore..or i can say celtic. Highly Recommended.

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Gamma Ray - To the Metal (2010)

Country  : Germany
Genre     : Power Metal

01. Empathy
02. All You Need To Know
03. Time To Live
04. To The Metal
05. Rise
06. Mother Angel
07. Shine Forever
08. Deadlands
09. Chasing Shadows
10. No Need To Cry

My Comment
They are lagendary...and they now back with new album after 3 years. After two previous album they has been critic to be like Judas Priest, lets see how this album are. So far from my opition, this album is not solid and not much memorial track and more less glow. Yet still quite far from what their archieve before.Maybe "Mother Angel" would is my selected track. Btw originality and idea has been seen grown. Elaboration and lyrics are much nicer. Combination riff and keyboard making old power atmosphere has their talented. Maybe a little kick up then they will glow again. Well i still yet respect them for all old power sound and riff comparing to new power comers. For mark i give 7/10. Yet for all power fans, grab it.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Timeless Miracle - Into the Enchanted Chamber (2005)

County : Sweeden
Genre   : Melodic Power Metal

01. Curse of the Werewolf
02. Witches of Black Magic
03. Into the Enchanted Chamber
04. The Devil
05. The Red Rose
06. A Minor Intermezzo
07. Return of the Werewolf
08. Memories
09. The Gates of Hell
10. Down to the Gallows
11. The Dark Side Forest
12. The Voyage

My Comment
Sweedish power metal scene has grown rapidly leading with many top band such as Hammerfall, Falconer, Dream Evil, DragonLand, Noctunal Rites and others. Timeless Miracle bringing chearful epic rythm with catch riff and powerful. Tempos range from all-out speed, to slow and ballad, mostly in all song. This is Power Metal all the way, but there are just enough twists and turns to keep things consistently interesting. Not very heavy yet really enjoying and good sweedish influence. Many of the melodies on “Into The Enchanted Chamber” show a strong Folk influence mix Gamma Ray, Freedom Call, Sonata Artica, Elvenking. Its was great album btw. Also with mix with keyboard, violin and backing guitar, for sure they will pawn u down. 1st few track was superb. Soft but powerful. Recommended this album to all Power Lovers.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Freedom Call - Legend of the Shadowking (2010)

Counrty : Germany
Genre    : Power Metal

01. Out of the Ruins
02. Thunder God 
03. Tears of Babylon 
04. Merlin - Legend of the Past 
05. Resurrection Day 
06. Under the Spell of the Moon
07. Dark Obsession 
08. The Darkness
09. Remember! 
10. Ludwig II - Prologue 
11. The Shadowking 
12. Merlin - Requiem 
13. Kingdom of Madness
14. A Perfect Day

My Comment
Freedom Call are back with new album in Jan 2010..woot !! with new basist join the force in 2009, hoping he will done a great job. Bringing 14 epic track, not much change in their concept. I can just compare with Eternity (not yet listen to Dimension). For me, the band really shown up in Eternity better than this one. What did happen? not much effort? maybe...sound was epic but very simple and not really attract listener. So far "ThunderGod" much shown than other track. "Merlin - Legend of Past" is more like Gamma Ray style. Symphonic also less and not much catch my attention. I quite dissapointed with this album. I hoping they can be better in next album. Good luck

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exciter - New Testament (2004)

Country : Canada
Genre   : Thrash/Speed Metal

01. Rising Of The Dead
02. Violence & Force
03. Rule With An Iron Fist
04. Rain Of Terror
05. Brutal Warning
06. Victims Of Sacrifice
07. The Dark Command
08. I Am The Beast
09. Pounding Metal
10. Stand Up And Fight
11. Heavy Metal Maniac
12. Blackwitch
13. Burn At The Stake
14. Long Live And Loud
15. Ritual Death

My Comment
Exiter is one of legendary band that formed in 1980. Afterwards, they come together and making this compilation compile their top song over time. btw i not hear yet their album "Thrash,Speed,Burn" releasing in 2008, so i cant comment further. Despite the music under speed and thrash, they manage to coins 80s speed thrash band in that era. Vocal from Dan Beehler is bit like King Diamond, Iron maiden. For sound, its like 70% thrash 30% speed. The good thing is their re-recording back some song to produce quality sound. For rythm, it was catchy and noisy. Special thanks for godspeed solo by John Ricci (he the oldest member here). Great flamenco in "blackwitch".Well btw its good album to hear. Good for them to re-live and continue again speed thrash scene for future listener.

live long life heavy metal maniac XD

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Oranssi Pazuzu - Muukalainen Puhuu (2009)

Country : Finland
Genre    : Psychedalic Black Metal

01. Korppi
02. Danjon Nolla
03. Kangastus 1968
04. Suuri Pää Taivaasta
05. Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien Teatterin Rukoilijasirkka
06. Dub Kuolleen Porton Muistolle
07. Muukalainen Puhuu
08. Kerettiläinen Vuohi

My Comment
This is 1st album by them. Feeling like sitting in outerspace while enjoying scary and dark atmosphere. They mix with classical rythm, clean sound, spooky keyboard effect and good growl. its like in 70s song with black influence. Lyrics are in finnish lang. As putting BM component to their song, for me it just 40%. Other was emotinonal and bit depressive. To be as 1st album, they give good effort to make their own music. Originality is most important for them. They succesfully made their unique style to lead the band. Furthermore i recommended this album for all listener. Salute them and cant wait for their next album.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hermh - Cold+Blood+Messiah (2008)

Country : Poland
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

02.Instrumentum Diaboli
03.Eyes of the Blind Lamb
04.Lord Shall Be Revealed
05.I Bring You Fear
06.Sin Is The Law
08.Who Can Be Against Us
09.In My Flesh I See God

My Comment
Vampiric Poland come to life. Hermh followed few Polish band such as Behemoth (ex former member b4), Darzamat, Vesania, Graveland. Well nothing much can expected to their path following symphonic BM like Vesania. Despite the theatrical BM that they mix with symphonical image, they had open new wave for symponic era. With full grim and blasphemy over all the song, i bet this album gonna rape u up. The guitars and the keyboards (the main melody makers) are bound by an almost anarchic structure that characterizes the whole album. Much talented band. Well, i recommended this album as your collection.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ethereal - Shroud of Flesh (2000)

Country: Colombia
Genre   : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Of Pleasure And Pain
02. Withered Within
03. Evil's Black Sweetheart
04. My Dearest Dread
05. Leave Me Torture
06. Behind Angel's Purity
07. I'm Feeling
08. Scent Of Lure
09. As Sad As Beautiful
10. Scent Of Skin
11. Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden Cover)

My Comment
For me this album is quite preferred to Symp BM lover. "Of Pleasure and Pain" start with noisy technical riff + violin and female choir (Ana). Its not very good start but manage to make good rythm later. Maybe i can say it like Draconian + COF. Rythm was epic. Vocal are in high pitch scream. Now with "Withered Within".  I bet this will be my fav track among others. Rythm was catchy following by epical flute and synth to make an awesome atmosphere. Really good combination and elaboration. "Evil Black Sweetheart" for me not really good standup track. They drag up rythm too much. "My Dearest Dread" won as horrible spooky underwater atmosphere. Skip it. I feel sad for next other track. Btw i still like Ana voice in "Leave me torture" rather than "Im feeling". "Scent of lure" is some sort like Sin of Thy Beloved. "As sad as beautiful" is good song and atmosphere (oh finally). Then come last maiden cover. Originality 9/10. Wonderful rythm !!!
Keep up good work.
Salute !!

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