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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Munruthel - Yav Nav i Prav (2004)

Country : Ukraine
Genre : Symphonic/Pagan Black Metal

01. Father-Sun (Intro)
02. Thunderdreams (The Sleeping PERUN)
03. The Golden Throne Of SVAROG (The Ode)
04. Fern Flowering (KUPALA-Night)
05. Magic Dance Of Autumn Leaves (Before Long Cold Winter)
06. The Frozen Waters (Cold Silence Of The Seas)
07. Destroyed By The gold crosses: Part I: Requiem, Part II: Retribution
08. Under The Wings Of Starry Darkness (The Nightflight)
09. Icymphony (Triumph Of Winter)
10. Mother-Moon (Outro)

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