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Friday, February 19, 2010

Gamma Ray - To the Metal (2010)

Country  : Germany
Genre     : Power Metal

01. Empathy
02. All You Need To Know
03. Time To Live
04. To The Metal
05. Rise
06. Mother Angel
07. Shine Forever
08. Deadlands
09. Chasing Shadows
10. No Need To Cry

My Comment
They are lagendary...and they now back with new album after 3 years. After two previous album they has been critic to be like Judas Priest, lets see how this album are. So far from my opition, this album is not solid and not much memorial track and more less glow. Yet still quite far from what their archieve before.Maybe "Mother Angel" would is my selected track. Btw originality and idea has been seen grown. Elaboration and lyrics are much nicer. Combination riff and keyboard making old power atmosphere has their talented. Maybe a little kick up then they will glow again. Well i still yet respect them for all old power sound and riff comparing to new power comers. For mark i give 7/10. Yet for all power fans, grab it.

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