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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Freedom Call - Legend of the Shadowking (2010)

Counrty : Germany
Genre    : Power Metal

01. Out of the Ruins
02. Thunder God 
03. Tears of Babylon 
04. Merlin - Legend of the Past 
05. Resurrection Day 
06. Under the Spell of the Moon
07. Dark Obsession 
08. The Darkness
09. Remember! 
10. Ludwig II - Prologue 
11. The Shadowking 
12. Merlin - Requiem 
13. Kingdom of Madness
14. A Perfect Day

My Comment
Freedom Call are back with new album in Jan 2010..woot !! with new basist join the force in 2009, hoping he will done a great job. Bringing 14 epic track, not much change in their concept. I can just compare with Eternity (not yet listen to Dimension). For me, the band really shown up in Eternity better than this one. What did happen? not much effort? maybe...sound was epic but very simple and not really attract listener. So far "ThunderGod" much shown than other track. "Merlin - Legend of Past" is more like Gamma Ray style. Symphonic also less and not much catch my attention. I quite dissapointed with this album. I hoping they can be better in next album. Good luck

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