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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Timeless Miracle - Into the Enchanted Chamber (2005)

County : Sweeden
Genre   : Melodic Power Metal

01. Curse of the Werewolf
02. Witches of Black Magic
03. Into the Enchanted Chamber
04. The Devil
05. The Red Rose
06. A Minor Intermezzo
07. Return of the Werewolf
08. Memories
09. The Gates of Hell
10. Down to the Gallows
11. The Dark Side Forest
12. The Voyage

My Comment
Sweedish power metal scene has grown rapidly leading with many top band such as Hammerfall, Falconer, Dream Evil, DragonLand, Noctunal Rites and others. Timeless Miracle bringing chearful epic rythm with catch riff and powerful. Tempos range from all-out speed, to slow and ballad, mostly in all song. This is Power Metal all the way, but there are just enough twists and turns to keep things consistently interesting. Not very heavy yet really enjoying and good sweedish influence. Many of the melodies on “Into The Enchanted Chamber” show a strong Folk influence mix Gamma Ray, Freedom Call, Sonata Artica, Elvenking. Its was great album btw. Also with mix with keyboard, violin and backing guitar, for sure they will pawn u down. 1st few track was superb. Soft but powerful. Recommended this album to all Power Lovers.

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