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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ethereal - Shroud of Flesh (2000)

Country: Colombia
Genre   : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Of Pleasure And Pain
02. Withered Within
03. Evil's Black Sweetheart
04. My Dearest Dread
05. Leave Me Torture
06. Behind Angel's Purity
07. I'm Feeling
08. Scent Of Lure
09. As Sad As Beautiful
10. Scent Of Skin
11. Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden Cover)

My Comment
For me this album is quite preferred to Symp BM lover. "Of Pleasure and Pain" start with noisy technical riff + violin and female choir (Ana). Its not very good start but manage to make good rythm later. Maybe i can say it like Draconian + COF. Rythm was epic. Vocal are in high pitch scream. Now with "Withered Within".  I bet this will be my fav track among others. Rythm was catchy following by epical flute and synth to make an awesome atmosphere. Really good combination and elaboration. "Evil Black Sweetheart" for me not really good standup track. They drag up rythm too much. "My Dearest Dread" won as horrible spooky underwater atmosphere. Skip it. I feel sad for next other track. Btw i still like Ana voice in "Leave me torture" rather than "Im feeling". "Scent of lure" is some sort like Sin of Thy Beloved. "As sad as beautiful" is good song and atmosphere (oh finally). Then come last maiden cover. Originality 9/10. Wonderful rythm !!!
Keep up good work.
Salute !!

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