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Friday, February 19, 2010

Skiltron - Beheading the Liars (2008)

Country : Argentina
Genre    : Power Metal

01. Skiltron
02. The Beheading
03. I'm What You've Done
04. Praying is Nothing
05. Calling Out
06. The Vision of Blind Harry
07. Hate Dance
08. Signs, Symbols and the Marks of Man
09. Let the Spirit Be
10. Fast and Wild
11. Crides (Calling Out – Occitan version)

My Comment
They been said as pioneer in this scene. Coz of? they argentine and only few argentine getting in this scene. Well whatever, lets hear them. Starts with intro speech in "Skiltron" then come with scottish big pipe over the way. Vocal are quite like Blind Guardian, with folklore lyrics. Music arrangement was really awesome. Simple and fun galloping riff supporting charming drum beat. "The Beheading" using Mandolin and whistle. Now the vocal much higher from "Skiltron". The good thing is they still have solo guitar. Try heard changeover rythm in "Signs, Symbols and Mark of Man". Incredible beat so far ^^. Overall, its more than i predicted. Really well produced album. Good refreshing folklore..or i can say celtic. Highly Recommended.

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