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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hermh - Cold+Blood+Messiah (2008)

Country : Poland
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

02.Instrumentum Diaboli
03.Eyes of the Blind Lamb
04.Lord Shall Be Revealed
05.I Bring You Fear
06.Sin Is The Law
08.Who Can Be Against Us
09.In My Flesh I See God

My Comment
Vampiric Poland come to life. Hermh followed few Polish band such as Behemoth (ex former member b4), Darzamat, Vesania, Graveland. Well nothing much can expected to their path following symphonic BM like Vesania. Despite the theatrical BM that they mix with symphonical image, they had open new wave for symponic era. With full grim and blasphemy over all the song, i bet this album gonna rape u up. The guitars and the keyboards (the main melody makers) are bound by an almost anarchic structure that characterizes the whole album. Much talented band. Well, i recommended this album as your collection.

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