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Friday, January 29, 2010

Darkspace - Dark Space III (2008)

Country : Switzerland
Genre    : Ambient/Dark Metal

01. Dark 3.11
02. Dark 3.12
03. Dark 3.13
04. Dark 3.14
05. Dark 3.15
06. Dark 3.16
07. Dark 3.17

My Comment
Going to dark zone. This 1st time i heard about this band actually. yeah yeah true they are good.  This album is limited to 500 unit only. To be truth i quite passion with their atmosphere. Such a chaotic and true darkness. They are 3 man involved and they using drum machine to complete the atmosphere. "Dark 3.11" make me going to their journey to the darkest world. They are using ambient synth, depressive scream, epic tremolo riffing while supporting in whispering vocal and drum machine. Most of their song is 10 minute over, yet they elaborated rythm slowly. The rythm much psycological to me (am i been hypnotized?). Btw i do respect them coz they made simple yet effective music that really accounter me. "Dark 3.14" is using diff approach. Everlasting dark synth and palm muting riff (not good track for me).Well overall highly recommended this album. Thanks DarkSpace for this masterpiece.

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