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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nauthisuruz - The end of Nauthisuruz (2007)

Country : Russia
Genre : Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal

This is a compilation of Sequoror's tracks that were planned for the 3rd album
01. -01
02. -02
03. -03
04. -04
05. -05

No cover album found..its a great album btw..... ^^

After finished working on our "Notes of Inhumanitas", We began the third album.Unfortunately, when the most part of music was done, something like an "ideologic" conflict about the principles of project Nauthisuruz became a reason for us to stop our joint creative work. The result of all that is this instrumental album composed of Sequoror's tracks that were prepared for the unreleased third album. However, track are united in conception (the way we always do).
Several months have passed, we were both working on our non-metal projects, but something was not enough. All disagreements have been forgotten and Nauthisuruz was reborn, but these tracks have not been replayed (and will never be).

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