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Friday, October 23, 2009

Root - Kargeras (1996)

Country : Czech Republic
Genre    : Black Metal/Dark Epic Metal

1. Lykorian
2. Kargeras Prologue
3. Kargeras
4. Prophet's Song
5. Rulbrah
6. Rodaxx
7. Old Man
8. Old Woman
9. Equirhodont - Grandiose Magus
10. Dygon - Monstrosity
11. Trygan - Sexton
12. Dum Vivimus, Vivamus

My Comment:
They are 2nd wave of BM although their name was not big as Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and etc. Many said their songwriting was superb. I admit it They really doing some research here. They approch in dark sound with clean voice maintaining the BM ideology. Most their song was not simplistic and fixed but have many variation. Starting with instrumental in Lykorian and acoustic guitar in Kargeras Prologue. I pick "Kargeras" is the best track. Others track i pick "Prophet Song", "Equirhodon ", "Dygon" coz the very interesting dark music ^^. Woot..very nice 'dark' galloping rythm in "Trygan". They are brilliant, Salute !! 

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