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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Atritas - Medium Antigod (2007)

Country : Switzerland
Genre   : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Psychosomatic Gallery (Intro)
02. Earthbound Suicide
03. Medium Antigod
04. Obtained Orphanage
05. Massacre Pour Une Ballade
06. Ravenous And Devilish
07. Das Tier
08. Lunar Psychosis
09. Decades Of Nihilism
10. Black Dominion Era

My Comment
This a must have album for all symphonic lover. Their music is like Algazanth + Dimmu . Technical guitar riff, sharp high pitch ghoul (same like bishop of hexen). The keyboard is not a main key for this band..just supporting guitar and most using choir background to keep the atmosphere alive. I pick Earthbound Suicide , Massacre Pour Une Ballade, Obtained Orphanage, Black Dominion Era as a good  track to hear.
Keep up all good work guys. Cheers.

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