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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catharsis - Wings (2005)

Country : Russia
Genre   : NeoClassical Power Metal

01. Overture
02. Who Are You?
03. Hold Fast
04. Wings
05. Our Way
06. Call of the Beast
07. Talisman
08. Madre
09. The Guardian of Times
10. Remember Me
11. The Symphony of Fire
12. The Song of the Moon

My Comment
Due to Eerie Light in b4 review, make me wonder how their next album. 1st few song (same like Eerie Light), show their talented in power metal scene. some song a bit static power metal. im a bit shock with "Our way" cause have some sax in the song..cool lool..emotional and calm : ) good work guys. the other song was ok too.(i miss flute sound)

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