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Friday, October 23, 2009

Bann - Æschatologia (2009)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Neoclassical/Ambient Black Metal

01. Der Geiger
02. Schwarze Bulle
03. Narrenschyff
04. Carmina Necrologia
05. Fraß der Flammen: I Póli
06. Die letzten Dinge (Æschatolog)

My Comment
This album had released in february this year. There only two member (one only play violin, one more play others). Opening melancholy violin intro in Der Geiger supporting with ambient sound by keyboard, they was awesome !! (last i heard the good violin is The sin of thy beloved). The "Narrenshyff" was amazing !!!. What i like about this band is although length per song almost 10 min, they not quite bored and full with variation and expanding the melodic. I can feel like "My dying bride + Tvangeste (slow mode) + Sin of thy beloved .
Good Effort. Salute !!

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