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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sentenced - Manifesto Of (2009)

Country : Finland
Genre    : Melodic Death Metal

01. Ever-Frost (single edit)
02. Vengeance Is Mine 
03. Despair Ridden-Hearts 
04. No One There (single edit)
05. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
06. Excuse me While I Kill Myself
07. Broken 
08. Dead Moon Rising 
09. Killing Me Killing You (single edit) 
10. Drown Together 
11. The Rain Comes Falling Down 
12. The Suicider 
13. Bleed 
14. Noose (live) 
15. Nepenthe (live) 
16. The Trooper 
17. Northern Lights

My Comment
Ah..lagendary band...no need to introduce this band.. this is just a new release 2009 best of compilation by them. With many hit song..sure does it take u down..ah lol why this compilation is just 1 cd....and they should include song "Mourn" also..huuu..btw..keep metal till dead !!!
Salute them !!

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