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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mundanus Imperium - The Spectral Spheres Coronation (1998)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Dark Progressive Metal

01. Distant Conglomeration
02. The Life of What You Seek
03. Beyond the Earthly
04. Starwars
05. Predominate
06. Stargazer (Rainbow cover)
07. The Unborn Breathes in Silence
08. If the Universe Transformed

My Comment
They currently split out but yet the do attract me with awesome music. Too bad i havent have their demo "Ode to the Nightsky". If u had it, plz upload and sent me. really need it badly. Jorn that is vocalist also perfoming as live vocal for Yngwie Malmstein and Ayreon (album 01011001). His vocal is energic. Lyric is based on Outerspace? (whatever). Before in their Demo their using harsh vocal but not in this album. The atmosphere was dark epic. Remind me to Therion ofc. Keyboard as main key for this band (dark orchestra) while supporting by disorted guitar. I do enjoying all the track. Although its not really "Outerspace" element, overall this album is fuckin awesome. highly recommended. Ty to Mundanus Imperium for such a great masterpiece.

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  1. Hey bub, I just read your bit about Mundanus Inperium's demo, I have my mittens on it, though... I'm not sure how to send it to ya.


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