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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Krohm - A World Through Dead Eyes (2004)

Country : USA
Genre    : Black Metal

01. I Suffer the Astral Woe
02. A Lurking Dream
03. The Waning
04. When Morning Never Returned
05. A World Through Dead Eyes
06. Silence Turns to Gray
07. My Hearse

My Comment
This are one mand band that really attract me. This album limited to 500 copy only. Also this 1st their album after two demos. Krohm is full with depressive misantrophy element. Music arrangement was great. Actually i never thought american cant do like this (lol now im wrong). Atmospheric is superb. Guitar riff full disorted with bringing dark melodies and depressive. Drum do great job in mixing double paddle with slow mode beat following dark synth rythm. All song here full with memoriable magical darkness atmosphere. I bet this is the best depressive band that i couldnt imagine. Lazy to review more so behold youself and hear it.
Recommended to all metallers.

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