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Friday, January 22, 2010

Darkestrah - Embrace of Memory (2005)

Counrty : Germany
Genre    : Epic Black Metal

01. Embrace of Memory
02. Black Cathedral
03. Sign of War
04. Akyr Zaman
05. Human Hopes
06. Primitive Dance
07. Marching of the Hordes (Pagan cover)

My Comment
They are only among of five metaller band of Kyrgyzstan but thats not stop them to supporting the horde.
Their contribution in "Akyr Zaman" from Stimme aus der Tiefe #1 compilation had lift up thier named and to well known now. "Black Cathedral" starts with energic rythm (em..remind me to Graveworm), raw disorted riff, blasting double pedal, epic synth and high pitch scream. However i like if guitar riff more technical and fast picking due to lack good riff (can be improve this one). Well "Sign of War" is changing, riff more to epic and well nice atmosphere. Now their standup track "Akyr Zaman". Good starting folk keyboard (or this violin?) remind me to Adorned Brood song in Metal Museum Vol 3 and then rising Black influence. Others last song was not bad also. Recommended this album !!!

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