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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aktarum - Gang of Trolls (2010)

Country : Belgium
Genre    : Black Viking Metal

01. Troll's Story
02. Fight To Death
03. Black Troll
04. Jurassik Troll
05. Gang Of Trolls
06. Troll In The Forest
07. Rock'n Troll
08. Spiritual Troll
09. Introll Army
10. Troll Army
11. March of the Trolls
12. Victory Troll
13. Troll Bard
14. Imperial Troll

My Comment
Hail Aktarum for joining viking horde with this new and 1st album "Gang Of Troll". Supporting viking scene with belgium biggest band "Ancient Rites !!!! ". This album start with folkish ambient + orchestra music in "Troll Story". The Troll begin in "Fight of Death" , the good thing belgium have their own viking music comparing norwegian. Look like their using every Troll name in most their track (-_-) .
Keyboard using orchestra and ambient effect making a good black viking atmophere. Guitar riff was really catchy. I cant stop headbanging. Drum also awesome. good galloping through. Vocal are in harsh scream. Not really bad vocal. The journey continue with Black Troll (best track for me) and rest of other track. Their really had their own strength alhough they still new. Whatever it is, grab this album. they do talented.
Best of good luck for them. Highly recommended.

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