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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Forlorn - The Crystal Palace (1997)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Black Viking Metal

01. Lik Av Falne Menn
02. Aerefull Ferd
03. Baerer av Nordstjernen
04. The Magellanic Clouds
05. The Crystal Palace
06. Ragnarok
07. Gate of Mystic
08. Lunar Eclipse

My Comment
This album is quite good. When it come to viking, Forlorn manage to find best melodies with good epic sound. To be as their genre black viking i thought it same like Windir or Enslaved. Yet no coz they more into viking than black. Music was slower. More Bathory influence and much similar to Borknagar. More melodies are really calm and elaborated very smoothly. Thanks to ambient keyboard that bring dark cold night thus make the atmosphere live. Well i quite shock with industrial beat at "Crystal Palace" (booooo). Drum had many variation and awesome. "Ragnarok" had diff riff than other track. Much show the glory of viking instead not dark cold music. Well overall recommended this album also. Ty Forlorn. keep up good work. Salute.

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