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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Krohm - The Haunting Presence (2007)

Country : USA
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Bleak Shores
02. Lifeless Serenade
03. I Respiri Delle Ombre
04. Relic
05. Memories of the Flesh
06. Tra la Carne e Il Nulla
07. Syndrome

My Comment
Now back to back with 3rd album by Krohm. Guitar disorted more sharp, more pain vocal, many fast rythm and still depressive misanthrophy. Yet this time music arrangement been change to make different interval in rythm. Atmospheric was really dark ,full variation, and disolation. Synth has become role key to lead the arrangement. As vocal i rather like their previous album. Drum become more fast this time. What happen after track 3 and others? are they experimental new music?(fast music combining with depressive). Well quite good but i want glory of "World through Dead Eyes" rise again. My fav track for this album is Lifeless Serenade.
Good job Numinas, Salute !!

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