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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mysticum - Lost Masters of the Universe (2004)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Industrial Black Metal

01. Intro
02. The Rest
03. Wintermass
04. Mourning
05. Father Beyond
06. Forces of Darkness
07. Outro
08. Demons Never Sleep
09. Crypt of Fear
10. The Shattered Soul
11. The Grave of Petrified Souls
12. Mourning
13. Where the Raven Flies
14. Kingdom Comes
15. Eriaminell
16. Black Magic Mushrooms

My Comment
This is their Best of Compilation album. Too bad their been split up. Maybe they is earliest to bring Industrial in BM scene. "The Rest" was really amazing track from their 1st demo in 1993. Great programming effect (ambient effect), raw disorted riff, fast drum beat with thrash influence, harsh pain vocal. As their Industrial theme, its not really an influence coz they maintaning raw occult BM.  "Wintermass" also quite good for me. First 7 track was poor recording (zz....cant enjoy all good song). Track 8 and after is from their 2nd demo. Look like vocal has been change to bad (haha). Well music arrangement also had change. Good devoloping and unique. Overall, good to hear (they had many idea). Sound was sucky. Good for collection.
Live Long Life to Mysticum !!

Download Part1
Download Part2

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