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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Golden Dawn - Masquerade (2003)

Country : Austria
Genre    : Extreme Gothic Metal

01. Silent Inferno
02. Doomsday Celebration
03. Alive and Immortal?
04. Where Dragons Reign
05. Masquerade
06. Enthralled by Unknown Dimensions
07. Unborn Again
08. A Memory's Reflection
09. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
10. Angel

My Comment
I was almost shocking with i heard. I thought extreme gothic will be like Moonspell etc but i was totally wrong. They have many variety influence and element. (same like The Root in my previous post yet there are totally into dark music). Most element are in Neoclassical, some Power, Gothic, Viking and etc. Its really like blend of mix. Whatever they influent are, they still manage to find what their best. Thanks to talented Dreamlord (vocal, keyboard) for good music arrangement. I know him eversince he at Wallachia. "Silent Inferno" uses clean (not very good) and high scream vocal. "Doomsday Celebration" are in neoclassical mode and good solo. For all guitar riff in all track, i rather give 7/10. Good and have many variation depending what mode are. They also had mix with some electronic. I like their bad ass drum well managed to fast and slow beat. Conclusion this album is great yet i do prefer remaining in one genre.
Recommended  !! Salute Them !!

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