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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keep of Kalessin - Kolossus (2008)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Origin
02. A New Empire’s Birth
03. Against the Gods
04. The Rising Sign
05. Warmonger
06. Escape the Union
07. The Mark of Power
08. Kolossus
09. Ascendant

My Comment
Keep of Kalessin bringing mediacore type BM (not my type -_- ). With clean recording sound, it really brighting them to impress their music. The album starts with instrumental in "Origin". "A new empire birth" was energic. Compiling metalcore & melodic BM outside the boundaries. Drumbeat was fast, claw vocal (Dissection scream) and good heavy riff. "Against the God" attract me which at end of song have drum breakdown with variation of beat. Really outstanding. "Rising sign" showing epic and saddness theme which drawn by keyboardist. Overall, good album to have. im not metalcore type so i not really interested (lol wtf). Salute !!!

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