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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Break The Silence - Merciless Merchenary (2001)

Country : Malaysia
Genre    : Death Metal

01. Undead (Intro) 
02. Scroll of Anger 
03. Pleasure In Blood 
04. Vilify 
05. Sinner
06. Leader of Chaos 
07. Abdicated 
08. Insanity
09. Flea-Faced God 
10. Takhlifwallatashrif 
11. Helllfuck
12. A Chant For An Army of Detestation 
13. Hittoh (Outro)

My Comment
They are formed in 1999, one of band that bring up death metal scene in Malaysia. All Break The Silence member is from Silent Death (one of earliest death band in malaysia). They known as be able to recreate back pure death metal scene. For this album, the vocal are in low deep growl with some harsh. I not too agree since it will become grind. btw i like vocal in "Insanity".  They also had many idea in eleborating and catchy riff. Good fast solo too. Drum beat was blast and kicking ass. Sound quality is better than previous album. hope can became more better later. Salute them !!!!

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