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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pentagram ( Mezarkabul ) - Anatolia (1997)

Country : Turkey
Genre    : Thrash (earlier), Speed/Heavy Metal (now)

01. Anatolia (English)
02. 1000 in the Eastland
03. Dark is the Sunlight
04. Gündüz Gece
05. Stand to Fall
06. Give Me Something to Kill the Pain
07. Welcome the End
08. Anatolia (Turkish)
09. On the Run
10. Time
11. Behind the Veil
12. Fall Of A Hero
13. Sonsuz

My Comment
Known as Mezarkabul and Pentagram (outside Turkey), they is one of lagendary turkish metal band.
Their sound is unique and not as other heavy metal band. Bringing dark middle-east riff. This album is not thrash influence anymore. Many riff was repetitive but they do know what the best for their listener. Im kinda addicted with their song. "Behind The Evil" was the best track among others. Drum beat was awesome, variable and unique. Thanks to heavy guitar riff & remarkable solo that lead all the middle east riff perfectly. For Vocal, i rather hope it kinda like SOAD (lol ) and Root (check my before post). After been listen to 12 track heavy riff, acoustical ballad in "Sonsuz" completing the album. Yet was really enjoyable song. Furthermore, i recommended this album to all. Salute and keep it up good work !!

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