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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aosoth - Ashes Of Angels (2009)

Country : France
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Songs Without Lungs
02. Ashes of Angels
03. Path of Twisted Light
04. Embrace and Enlightment
05. Teaching/Erasing
06. Summon the dead
07. Cries Out the Heaven
08. Communion Through Pain
09. Banished
10. Inner War (Antaeus cover)

My Comment
Aosoth is back with this new album Ashes of Angel that produce in october. their sound was griffy, and pure BM. Full with heavyiness riff, tremolo picking, deep scream and super drum blast beat. Sound quality was not bad. The album start with "Song without lungs". Drum was really sharp and really fast. Many variation beat.
The song continue with "Ashes to Angels" that continuing from "Song without lungs". "Path of twisted light" is the best track among others. Good noisy dark riff with fastpicking, much slower other song, very awesome dark atmosphere aswell. Lastly cover song from Antaenus (raw BM). The cover was not bad. i give 7/10 for originality. Overall, good album for collection. Salute !!!!

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