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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Episode 13 - Tabula Rasa

Country : Turkey
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Tabula Rasa
02. The Black Mass
03. A Bleeding Century
04. Submerging Dreams
05. C.R.Y
06. Forlorn Till Dawn
07. An Exhaustion
08. The Unfinished Ceremony (outro)

My Comment
They had perform in Unirock Open Air Festival II with Kreator, Amon Amarth, Rotting Christ etc. Bringing on Melodic (but Symphonic for me), with anti-religion & anti-human (Capathian Forest ftw) lyric. Going to the album, Although the music shown plain and simple, but they do attract me. "Tabula Rasa" starts with depressive string and atmosphere by keyboard. Good vocal (dimmu style?), noisy disortion guitar. Epic and evil also unique. My Fav Track is "C.R.Y". "Forlorn Till Dawn" is their popular song. Yes it does. The song was freaking awesome. Good palm mute and middle east atmosphere. Well overall, Episode 13 rules !!!
Recommended and Salute !!

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