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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moon - Satan's Wept (1999)

Country : Poland
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

01. Devil's Path
02. Lucifer's Light
03. Fallen Angels
04. The Awakening
05. Magical Hallways
06. Chariots Of War
07. Summoning
08. Satanica
09. Unholy Throne
10. Satan's Wept
11. Night Eyes
12. Baphomet's Snikes

My Comment
Herecome Moon 2nd album after 2 years from "Daemons Heart". What can i say..they really improved. Still maintaining traditional symphonic, good melodical guitar solo, dark middle east effect sound by keyboard, new improved pain growl. "Lucifer light" and "fallen angel" really shown how good they are. Yet they still not recruit any keyboardist (zzz..symphonic without any keyboardist). The sessionist keyboard was really awesome. Very good atmosphere (thumb up !!). Drum beat also improved and so fast (hope not programmable like previous album).More guitar riff not technical as "Daemons Heart". This album also better than "Daemons Heart". Recommended to all symphonic fans. Heard they are reformed back this year. Looking forward to their next album. Salute !!!

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