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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Illidiance - Nexaeon (2009)

Country : Russia
Genre     : Symphonic BM earlier, Electronic now

01. Nexaeon
02. Bleed for Deliverance
03. ...A Cold Day in Hell
04. Chaoticon Nomads
05. Paranormel Activity
06. In Thousands Gales I Dwell
07. Countdown to Annihilation
08. Spiral Galaxy NGC 1309

My Comment
Nowadays, theres a lot band under the skirt to dimmu and old mans child influence. some say it do good to commercial and supporting the scene. yet still some ppl rather like band who are experimental and trying to get away to fixed concept. Illidiance not much diff than other (70% for me). Btw they still can find their personality. Fast palm muting and technical play with great dark/electronic ambient and some drudkh style for keyboard, really fast drum beat and lack with growl. What i like is they keep changing and changing the fast rythm (which is hard to play). My fav track is "Chaoticon Nomads". Well theres not much electronic element involve as thier genre are. Maybe can make more outherspace scene (lool in track 8). Overall, this album quite good. Salute !!

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