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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maleficentia - Revelation From The Ancestral Whisper (2008)

Country : France
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Through the Mirror of Flesh
02. Between Tiffauges Walls
03. Scarlet Legacy
04. Heuristic Embrace
05. A Forgotten Sanctuary
06. In the Shadow of the Labarum
07. Twilight Synod
08. Revelation From the Ancestral Whisper

My Comment
Well here one more melodical BM band. Most of their song over than 5 minute which if they cant make a good song, it will be hell boring. Technical riff with many fast picking solo, and kind of repetitive. Drum also not many variation (fast snare ofc). the vocal are quite good. Keyboard just supporting the rythm. Sometime they perform in slow rythm. In 1st two track i was ..... -_- .  I pick "In the Shadow of the Labarum" and  "Twilight Synod" as best track.
Hope they can improved later.

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