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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moon - Daemon's Heart (1997)

Country : Poland
Genre    : Symphonic Black Metal

01. The Shadow
02. The Suffering
03. Confession
04. The Shining
05. Daemon's Heart
06. The Curse
07. Sacrifice
08. Scorn
09. Unholyblood

My Comment
Symphonic Black Metal been around since mid to late 90s and Moon is one among them. So nice to get old traditional symphonic band without any viking element (Emperor ftw !!).  For this album they just using sessionist for keyboardist (maybe they still looking for it). Few early track was energic. The rythm was fast and supporting atmosphere by keyboard. Not very dark but still good. Growl is average for me but still not attract me :) . "The Shining" has much deeper rythm than other track. In last few track, they sound like very technical. Overall this album will not dissapoint u either. Great stuff..salute !!

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