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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Surrender Of Divinity - Oriental Hell Rhythmics (2001)


Country : Thailand
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Conquerors of the Apocalypse
02. The Darkness Against Light
03. To Reach Out for Eternity
04. Satan's Malicious Fire
05. Blasphemous Beast Rising
06. Paradise's Brothel

My Comment
Here BM scene from our neighbour, Thailand. They are raw, old school BM. Some sort like early Immortal and Impaled Nazarene. Vocal are evil, high pitch scream. I like his vocal. Lyrics based on anti christian. (hmm..satanic will be great). Guitar riff was noisy disorted and raw. Quite catchy. Drum beat was blast. Fast yet enjoyable. "Conquerors of the Apocalypse" has 10min length full with energic evil atmospheric. Very interesting song to hear. "To Reach Out for Eternity" had some thrash element. Not very well arrangement rythm (lol). Exitement continue with "Satans Malicious Fire", a well technical riff, old school sound. Not much change concept on "Blasphemous Beast Rising" and "Paradise Brothel". Good track to hear. i choose "Paradise Brothel" and "Conquer of Apocalype" as best track.Conclusion, this album will fuvk u hardly. Recommended to raw fans. Salute Asian Scene !!!

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