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Monday, December 7, 2009

Medea - Декаданс (2007)

Country : Belarus
Genre    : Doom/Symphonic/Dark Metal

01. Processiya
02. Maska krasnoy smerti
03. Dyavola doch'
04. Ohota
05. Cerber
06. Tvoya Mechta
07. Margarita
08. Vestnik vseh bed
09. V noch' na rozhdestvo
10. Posledniy epizod

My Comment
Belarus is located between Russia and Ukraine (noob me). I was impressed with this band. Like gold in the mud (cause it 1st i heard Belarus..zzz).Dark intro in "Processiya". Very symphonic. The keyboard act well to create dark ambient music while the simple memoriable technical riff by guitar. "Maska Krasnoy Smerti" is my fav track. The drum beat was great. Not many variation but still good.. Many rythm elaborate variety. The they not much similar to other ukrainian and russian band either. i wonder what is their influence. Well in the next more track, i feel they been into industrial than symphonic at 1st. Sound bit like The Covenant.  furthermore, i still do enjoying other track. Well good luck for them . Recommended. Salute.

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