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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ancient - Night Visit (2004)

County : Norway
Genre  : Melodic Black Metal

01. Envision The Beast
02. Rape The Children of Abel
03. Horroble
04. Night Visit
05. Lycanthropy
06. Night Of The Stygian Souls
07. Fuel The Flames
08. The Truth Unveiled
09. The Arctic Mirage (bonus track)
10. Out In The Haunted Woods (bonus track)

My Comment
After three years from "Proxima Centauri", now come "Night Visit". Since i donno how they sound like, so lets through the album. The album start with "Envision of the Beast".  Good raw rythm.. Not same as other melodic band like illnath etc. Guitar riff was heavy, noisy and raw !! sometime aphazel (guitarist) with clean effect and fast solo. The vocal was super evil. awesome scream. I bet the drummer is the best BM drum ever. he was super fast. Many variation beat. Track 2 will shown how good they are. Some song is using keyboard but not much ("night visit" has good dark ambient element). Overall, they do taking melodical to one step higher. Recommended this album. Salute !!

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