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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bangkok Thrash Compilation Vol.1 (2009)

Country : Thailand
Genre   : Thrash ofc

01. Mascara - Suffering
02. Mascara - Animal Face
03. Psychotrain - Soul Destination (Demo)
04. Psychotrain - Spirit Medium (Demo)
05. Killing Fields - Metallian
06. Killing Fields - Dark Knight (Demo)
07. Scarecrow - 111 (Demo)
08. Scarecrow - Low Female (Demo)
09. Purgatory - Love
10. Purgatory - Insult (Demo)
11. Black 'Ciety - Thunder Storm
12. Wibutchon - Disaster City (Demo)

My Comment
This is a compilation for "Bangkok Thrash 2009: Thrash 'Til Drunk"(09-05-09) which is the first Thrash Metal Festival in Thailand. The compilation consists of 12 original tracks from 7 Thai bands that play old school Thrash Metal and related genre such as Thrash Death Metal and Speed Metal. The tracks come in various quality. Some of them are studio tracks. Some of them are demo tracks with very clear sound, but some of them are quite raw (oh my ears bleed..hehe). Mascara and Psychrotrain bringing fresh thrash melodies (WTF really good fast solo), Killing Field and Purgatory playing death with strong thrash influence, quite technical. Black Ciety with post punk influence (em..idk why putting in this album). Overall good start for Vol 1. Really worth compilation. This album is good opportunity to Siamese band rising up.
Salute !!!  Support Thai Scene !!

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