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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Death SS - Do What Thou Wilt (1997)

Country : Italy
Genre    : Heavy/Speed (earlier), Industrial Metal (now)

01. Awakening Of The Beast
02. The Phoenix Mass
03. Baron Samedi
04. Scarlet Woman
05. The Serpent Rainbow
06. Crowley's Law
07. Guardian Angel
08. The Shrine In The Gloom
09. The Way Of The Left Hand
10. Liber Samekh

My Comment
This album is 8 years after "Black Mass" (see my post b4). In this album they include new horde membe "Oleg Smirnoff" as keyboard. Concept changing to more industrial yet still under heavy and thrash influence. Despite new influence added, its still quite enjoyable to me. Guitar solo was not isolated from rythm making they still have strong Power influence. Atmosphere was strange horror and catchy. Another diff approch from "Black Mass" but still leading to same light. Scarlet Woman is the best song among others. Also added whispering girl vocal in few songs (kinda occulism). What else to be expected from the lagendary italian here? Grab and prepare your soul to Majesty of Evil !!
Highly Recommended !!!

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