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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Death SS - Black Mass (1989)

Country : Italy
Genre    : Heavy/Speed (earlier), Industrial Metal (now)

01. Kings Of Evil
02. Horrible Eyes
03. Cursed Mama
04. Buried Alive
05. Welcome To My Hell
06. Devil's Rage
07. In The Darkness
08. Black Mass
09. The Mandrake Root
10. Kings Of Evil (extended remix)
11. Gethsemane
12. Murder Angels (live)
13. Vampire (live 1989)

My Comment
Death SS ftw !!! They was earliest heavy horror metal band with thrash influence. With face painting, they also contribute trademark to metal scene later on. Their lyrics based on evil, horror and occult (much similar to King Diamond). Death SS had leads and coins many of black death scene in this era. Now getting through this album, This album they not into industrial yet. More based on heavy metal with some thrash element. Most track had their own strength and style. Guitar riff was cathy, heavy and dark. Well sometime the riff become slow. Fully melodical with good fast solo. Drum was superb. double pedal to support the dark atmosphere, and some with thrash element. Bass also awesome. Vocal are wonderful (similar a bit with Helloween). I do enjoying all the track. Most are favourite. Overall I really recommended to all metal lover. Black Mass was fucking rule !!!!!!!!!!!!

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