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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pentagram ( Mezarkabul ) - Unspoken (2001)

Country : Turkey
Genre    : Thrash (earlier), Heavy/Speed Metal (now)

01. We Come from Nowhere
02. In Esir Like an Eagle
03. Unspoken
04. Lions in a Cage
05. For the One Unchanging
06. Mezarkabul
07. Take My Time
08. Pain
09. Puratu
10. This Too Will Pass
11. For Those Who Died Alone

My Comment
i was so exited to hear other album by them. Well now they been more heavier than Anatolia. Intro in "We come from nowhere" with heavy short song with traditional influence (flute etc). They enjoyment continue with "In Esir like an Eagle". Many other tempo in this album was slow and bit bored for me but when they going fast, they rules !!. Awesome middleast solo and strength melodies. Good to make their diff then other band out there. Afterwards, i still kind upset with this album comparing to Anatolia. Yet Anatolia is still better for me.
Keep up good work. Salute !!

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