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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Skogen - Vittra (2009)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Dimfärd
02. Skuggorna Kallar
03. Eld
04. Ur Mörkret Hon Kommer
05. Höst
06. Vålnaden
07. Skymning
08. Under Fullmånens Sken
09. I Skogens Djup

My Comment
Releasing in Nov 24, bringing on Black Metal music with sweedish atmospheric element. This band is formed in 2009 with duo lineup. This is their 1st album also. Well they not as normal stereotype BM. They much slower and brining nature lyrics.For rythm, they not too dark (but awesome atmosphere !!! ) Get through the album, "Skugguna Kallar" and "Under Fullmanens Sken"is my fav track. awesome driven guitar riff with good atmosphere. Well elaborate riff and rythm. The drum also act well but do its too slow me. For vocal, pain ghoul (still lack) with some clean voice. mixing with acoustic supporting choir keyboard effect. "Host" and "Skymning" is good acoustical song. for other track i just can close my eyes and enjoying their good atmospheric ambient. Good start for duo band member. Good luck in coloring BM scene. Recommended and Salute !!..

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