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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monarchia Daemonium - Blasphematorium (2002)

Country : France
Genre    : Black Metal

01. The Opening (Intro)
02. L'Avatar Du Mal
03. Cadaver Sanguisugus
04. Le Fil du Mal Absolu
05. From The Archangel to the Beast
06. Love the Beast Inside
07. Corpus Christi
08. Epilogue
09. Apocalyptical Bloodbath (ghost track)

My Comment:
This is their demo album. The album start with with gate sound and dark growl. Nice one. Then continue with track 2 with very nice riff and bad quality recording. So many scream until its hard to heard the riff. They was fast and full energic. Very nice solo aswell (same style like Death). Good track to hear. Track 3 start with instrumental sound (sound like Amorphis and Lake of tears) and very bad drum record. Track 4 had many good riff and great tapping solo. Now they really mess up the song. Vocal in track 5 are the worst than other track. Track 7 is good and super fast drum beat. I like this track. Ghost track? Ooo..track with no sound...zzzz..well btw now they had split. so sad but nice work..Salute.

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