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Monday, November 30, 2009

Artch - Another Return (1988)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Power Metal

01. Conversio Prelude
02. Another Return To Church Hill
03. Power To The Man
04. Loaded
05. Where I Go
06. Metal Life
07. The Promised Land
08. Shoot To Kill
09. Living In The Past
10. Reincarnation

My Comment
Form in 1983, bringing power metal music (power metal golden era ofc). After 4 years making demo, now this is their 1st album. "Conversio Prelude" starts with folkish sound. Well track two remember me to...iron maiden ofc !!! . The diff is the sound is a bit darker. Not very much slow solo. Just concentrate on catchy riff and maintaining their speed. Good for me then (no Hammerfall whatsoever..hehe). Vocal is great. Drum beat is static a bit. I hope next album will be more melodical riff. Well this good album for maiden fans.  

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