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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Menhir - Die Ewigen Steine (1997)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Pagan Black Metal

01. Menhir
02. Winter
03. Die Auserwählten
04. Warriors Of The North
05. Schwertzeit
06. Barditus
07. Tag der Vergeltung
08. Paganlord

My Comment
This is Menhir 1st album. More raw than later album. "Menhir" was totally awesome. It has very strong old riff and better drummer (Tormentor from Graveworm ftw). For vocal, i think their next album was better than this one (except growl and harsh vocal). Keyboard just supporting the majestic riff by guitar. Lack galloping rythm compare to later album. Well some ppl rather like an old sound..so i recommended this album. I pick "Menhir", "Schwertzeit", "Tag der Vergeltung" (damn i like the drum beat). Salute Menhir !!

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