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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Astrofaes - Those Whose Past is Immortal (2005)

Country : Ukraine
Genre    : Black Metal

01. The Principle of Existence
02. Hate Fang
03. The Depths of the Past
04. Blackest Mountain Chain of Cursed Time
05. The Abyss (The Edge of Eternity)
06. Soul of The Black Forest
07. Glacial Darkness

My Comment
Here goes Ukrainian metal scenes. Astrofaes is also big name same like Drudkh, Lucifugum, Nokturnal Mortum etc. Well btw this band member is all from Drudkh (loool) and with many sessionist member among them also (zzz). Well their sound not like Drudkh, Lucifugum, Noktural Mortum either. Astrafaes mix raw rythm with some epic element (less than Drudkh) and with fast picking. Also not raw as Lucifugum or not evil scream like Nokturnal Mortum. "The Depth of the Past" is really good instrumne song..fukin epic and good old guitar effect. What i really like Astrofaes is their melodies that are never ending until end of the song. Track 4 was evil !! the rythm never stop. Well done keyboard for making a very dark music. "The Abyss" also is good song. 30% ingredient with Drudkh : ) . Well "Glacial Darkness" is also instrumental song with medieval element. As the songs never end. I recommended this for all Drudkh fans and BM fans out there..
Salute !!!

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