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Monday, November 2, 2009

Seth - Nastivity (2003)

Country : France
Genre    : Black Metal

01. The Infinite Corridor
02. Darkness Remains
03. The Black Weapon
04. Apocalyptic Dream
05. Until the End
06. Until the End
07. The Forest of the Damned
08. The Chemerical Quest

My Comment
This is their compilation album. The 1st and 2nd  song is RAW !! all thing was great accept awful song quality : (   Well btw they had really good high pitch scream also fast drum and cathy riff. "The Black Weapon" is quite bored (this from their 1st album)...well..the raw continue with track 4. Evil sound nice scream dark atmosphere. I like this song. then continue with track 5 and 6 with same songs name but diff sound. The song quality been better now but losing their raw ( pffff ). Track 6 with choir effect by keyboard.
With changing lineup..its more to be atmospheric influence rather than raw at 1st (sad lol).
Salute Them.

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